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Percy Jackson

No description

Adam Almuhana

on 31 December 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson

The Mark Of Athena
Conflict Resolution
The conflict is that they need to close the doors of death on both sides. Percy and Annabeth fell into tartarus which resolved onehalf of the problem now they need to solve the greece side.
The Seven Olympians
Long ago there wasa prophesy speaking of Seven Olympians who would unite the two camps and defeat the giants and the earth goddess gaea from destroying the world. those seven were Percy Annabeth, Jason, Frank, Hazel, Leo, and Piper jason was wiped and given a fake memory. He was sent to Camp Halfblood so he could unite Greeks with Romans, Camp Halfblood is Greek. Jason was originally from Camp Jupiter the Roman Camp, While Jason was at Camp Half blood, Percy was at Camp jupiter. He was already identified as a son of Poseidon Although the romans thought he was a son of Neptune. They gave him his first quest and made him Praetor, Leader of the Romans. Annabeth found him and then they had it ruined when Leo shot at the Roman camp with their Ancient trireme and had to run away from the camp... Long story .
The main thing i didn't like about the book was the ending although in the next book it ends up pretty good, Annabeth and Percy fall into Tartarus and are to be saved if they can get to the house of hades the house of hades is were the doors of death are currently positioned, the other side is in greece Ancient Greece the problem is it can only be closed from both sides. So it kind of worked out. The problem is to do that one of them have to stay behind. How will they figure this out? solve the problem
The rating
I like Percy because he's my favorite charecter he has black hair, Sea blue eyes, hes 5-6 feet tall. he has a girl friend named Annabeth Chase she has blonde hair Gray eyes. Anneneth Is 5-to 6 feet as well. They are supervised by a crazy satyr named Gleeson Hedge. He likes Caged Martial Arts. Once Annabeth convinced Percy to sneak out and go to the stables. It reminds Annabeth of were Percy and her first met. Percy is Kind cool and smart. He is a son of Poseidon god of the Sea, some people call him child of the sea
The Percy Jackson Story
Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus
Positive & Negative
I would have to give this book a A- because it was very detailed and interesting I enjoyed the book and can't wait to get The House of Hades would have been an A if it didn't cut you off in the middle. Although The House of Hades already came out.
Direct Charecterization
Jason : Is blond, muscular, has Icy Blue eyes, and is a son of Zues
Piper : Pretty, is a brunett fights with a dagger known as katoptris, IS a daughter of Aphrodite Goddess of love and Beauty.
Leo : Lost his mother in a fire, Black Hair, Wears a tool belt that could carry anything and wont carry any wait, Son of Hephaestus God of Craft.
Nico : Black Hair, black eyes found and rescued Twice by Percy.
Athena Godess of wisdom
The Photos of the Charecters and Pictures

Slogans, and Slides
Well they all have different emotions. Leo feels ashamed of blasting New Rome. Frank likes Hazel so does Leo forming a kind of hatred between them, Leo doesn't want to get in the middle of Frank and Hazel because he wants to prove himself. Piper feels helpless unable to help her friends, all she has is a dagger and a pretty voice not very helpfull she believes that. Hazel likes Frank but Frank doesn't know that. jason feels uncomfortable sharing the spotlight with Percy, Percy feels the same way. When Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus they feel hopeless percy was the bronze, Annabeth was the brains. they think there hopeless without them
Percy Jackson: Percy is a sweet boyfriend, Very Brave, Kind
Jason: Jason is Kind, Acts so Perfect, Good Boyfriend, and stupid.
Annabeth: Kind, Smart, prideful (Over prideful),
Nico: Nico is Dark, Weird, Creepy, Spends a lot of time with the dead.
Indirect Charecterization
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