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Presenter's Guide to Adobe Connect

No description

Glen Gummess

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of Presenter's Guide to Adobe Connect

Learn to Present in Adobe Connect 8 in 30 minutes
at the University of St. Francis
If you have never used Adobe Connect before, just know that it is a
for hosting

A webinar is a meeting or a conference that is held online (on the web) and whose attendees are logging in from any current computer or mobile device that has a connection to the internet.

During a webinar you can chat, use your microphone and headphones to present or hold a conversation, display content such as Powerpoint slide shows, use a webcam, or even exchange files with others.

This presentation will orient you to Adobe Connect and show you step-by-step how to work with it. You can move forward in a linear fashion, or zoom out and select any block of information you need.
Here is what this presentation will show you in less than a half hour
a brief orientation to Adobe Connect
a way to test your computer's readiness to use Adobe Connect
advice on getting your sound equipment ready.
steps to connect and adjust your sound equipment to Adobe Connect.
how to load content into an Adobe Connect Meeting.
how to share your desktop in a meeting.
how to use your webcam and chat tools.
how to upload files to a meeting, and save them to your computer

When you log into an Adobe Connect meeting, you will often be a "participant". You must wait for the meeting host to promote you to presenter before you can start your microphone or use other features demonstrated in this presentation.

For best results, use Mozilla Firefox, and test your computer's readiness to participate at
Before You Begin
What is Adobe Connect?
The first things you see when you meet Adobe Connect 8
End Result
Here is a look at what you and your audience can expect from encountering an Adobe Connect webinar.
Share Content
After you have made sure that your microphone and headset (or speakers are working on your computer, you are ready to join them with the Adobe Connect meeting.
Connect Sound
About Sound
Here is what you should know about having the right microphone and speaker or headphone system for an Adobe Connect meeting (or any webinar for that matter.
There are certain things to know about Powerpoints: Smart objects will not display in Adobe Connect, nor will
videos or other Flash files.
You can upload any type of file into an Adobe Connect meeting, so that others can download the file and save it to their computer.
Share Files
Learn to share the "desktop" of your computer in order to display web sites, how to use software, and other displays in Adobe Connect
Video & Chat
Learn to connect your webcam so that others can see you, and use text chat to communicate ideas by keyboarding
Learn to display Powerpoints, videos, and other forms of content in Adobe Connect
As a host you have complete control of an Adobe Connect 8 meeting, especially in deciding who can present.
Final Thoughts
You can read the PDF file at right in order to have a "ready-to-go" list of steps to prepare for an Adobe Connect 8 meeting.

Remember: During a meeting, you should "mute" your microphone when you are not speaking. That will keep unwanted sounds from being heard (such as keyboarding).
For best results, turn off other apps that may be using your webcam
Overview of Hosting
Meeting Recordings
Making a recording
Retrieving a recording and making it public
How to adjust meeting bandwidth
to accommodate users with low connection speeds.
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