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Go scubadiving

No description

elizabeth pena

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Go scubadiving

By: Elizabeth Pena
My Bucket List
Why i would add this to my bucket list is because i would like to explore the under world and discover new creatures i never knew exisited.
Go scubadividing
The reason why i would put this on my bucket list is because i would love to go to the beach and see how beautiful the city is.
Why i Would put sky diving on my bucket list is because i always thought it was cool and a good experience to jump out of a plane and fly.
Go Sky Diving
The reason why i want to put travel to hidden beach is because i feel like it would be a good experience to have fun and explore new things.
Travel to hidden beach
Go to Miami
Niagara Falls
I would want to go to Niagara Falls to see the beauty of nature.
Go zip lining
I would like to go zip lining because it would be something that i have never done bfore and
Become Rich
Why i would want to become rich so that i can give it to the need and help my parents out
Go on a Cruz
I would like to go on a cruz because i think it would be fun to experience the ocean .
Buy a Husky
I would want to buy a husky that is really expensive because i have always wanted one.
Leave my mark in the world
I would want to leave my mark in this world so that everyone knows that everyone is special in there own way.
Kayak through caves
Why i would want to do this is because i would like explore the ocean and parts i have never seen before.
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
I would like to walk the Golden Gate Bridge because i like highs.
Go ghost hunting
I would like to go ghost hunting to see another world or experience another world
Go fly boarding
I would like to go fly boarding because i always wanted to try it.
Ride in a gondola in Venice
I would want to do this because i like the water.
Become a mother
I would want to become a mother because i would like to take care of my own child.
Go camping
I would want to go because it would be fun.
Go Zorbing
I would like to go zorbing because it would be fun to do before i die.
Visit Greece
I would like to go visit Greece because its a beautiful place
My bucket list is a list of the fun stuff i would want to do before i die. I think making a bucket list is a great way to have a fun and memorable life.
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