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Best Friends Forever- Jacqueline Wilson

Book Talk Presentation

Pooja Pramod

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Best Friends Forever- Jacqueline Wilson

Have you ever felt bad when you loose your very close Best Friend??? :(

I have felt really very bad!
F: Family
R: Reliable
I: Inspiration
E: Enjoyment
N: Never Ending
D: Dependable
If you lose all this you will never like it!!

Best Friends Forever
My Rating...
The people who are recommended to read this book are:

This is the world of Alice and Gemma!
This is a Video for a better understanding towards Gemma and Alice's thinking towards friendship!
There are many interesting characters!
Video...(Windows Movie Maker)
Best Friends Forever
Pooja Pramod-8A Book Talk Presentations
I rated this book....
10/10 because:

- It has a fabulous plotting of the story.
- The characters are perfect for the type of story.
- The writting style of the author is superb!

About This Book:
: Best Friends Forever.
: Jacqueline Wilson.
: Dramatic

Let us go through them!!!
- Alice is a sweet and a well mannered girl.
- She has a best friend named Gemma and they are always with each other!
Alice's Mom
Gemma's Mom
Gemma's Elder
Brother (Jake)
- Jake thinks that Gemma does not listen to anyone else except her Grandfather and Alice!

- But Jake also thinks that Gemma understand's friendship really well :)

- Gemma's Grandfather thinks Gemma is a sweet girl because she has a kind nature towards everybody!
- Teenage Girls
- People who like Dramatic stories.

I feel that they should read this book because the book shows frienship very well.
Similar Books...
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Jacqueline Wilson
Secrets by Jacqueline
- Gemma is a bit naughty and acts a bit tom boyish.
- But that does not count in friendship!
- According to Gemma a frend in need is a friend indeed! :)
- Alice's mom likes Alice a lot because she is a well mannered girl and listens to everybody!
- She does not like Gemma because she does not listen to anybody so she does not want that Alice should turn out to be like Gemma
- Gemma's mom thinks that Gemma shouls stop acting like a boy and listen to everybody!
- Gemma's mom likes Alice a lot because she listens to everybody and acts according to her gender!
- So she wants Gemma to turn out lke Alice!
- Gemma's Grandfather accepts Alice as his second grand daughter too!
A sad Tragedy happens in Gemma and Alice's life!!
Alice's Father gets a new job!!!!!
Now their friendship is put to test!!!!!
Can Gemma celebrate her birthday without Alice??
Can she stand it when Alice start's making new friends??
Will she be able to see Alice again in her life??
Read the book to find out!!
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