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The Hero's Journey: Mulan and The Pearl

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Carolyn Homolka

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: Mulan and The Pearl

The Hero's Journey:
The Pearl

Meet the Flawed Hero
"The Pearl": Kino; head strong, social status, love for family

"Mulan": Fa Mulan; not always punctual, messy, very independent, love for family

The Call to Adventure
"The Pearl": The baby Coyotito is stung by a scorpion, and Kino does not know what to do

"Mulan": The emperor's adviser announces that one man from each family has to serve in the Imperial Army
Crossing the Threshold
"The Pearl": Kino and Juana visit the doctor

"Mulan": Mulan goes to fight in the army in her father's place
The Wise Guide as Mentor
"The Pearl": Juana; Juana leads Kino and gives him suggestions of how to help

"Mulan": Mushu the dragon; Mushu leads Mulan into the army and helps her stay hidden
The Talisman
"The Pearl": The pearl that Kino finds in the Gulf; he thinks it will save Coyotitio

"Mulan": The lucky cricket that Mushu gives Mulan; the cricket originally from Mulan's grandma
Gathering Warrior Partners
"The Pearl": The villagers; they help by encouraging Kino

"Mulan": Li Shang; he
actually helps fight in battles
The Comic Partner is Us
"The Pearl": Kino's brother (Juan Tomas) and his brother's wife (Apolonia)

"Mulan": Yao, Ling, and Chien-Po
Monster Battles
"The Pearl": Scorpion sting, intruder, fighting the trackers, greed

"Mulan": Training at the camp, the Huns find where the army is, the army finds out "Ping" is a girl, the Huns attack the palace
The Underworld Battle
"The Pearl": Fighting the trackers on the mountain; this involves many tragedies, including Coyotito's death; ends up being good in the end

"Mulan": Fighting the Huns in the palace of the city; takes teamwork; the Huns are defeated in the end
The Secret Grove
"The Pearl": Kino's hut; the cave; Kino is alone and safe in both of these places

"Mulan": The training camp; the only place where the army can stay secure and where they spend most of their time
The Elixir
"The Pearl": The trackers are killed; Coyotito also dies as well; this gives Kino the understandability of sacrifices and the hard times in life

"Mulan": Shan Yu is killed; this makes everything better for everyone because they don't have to worry about the Huns; gives Mulan the gift of perseverance, because without it, they would not have won
The Reconciliation
"The Pearl": Kino realizes the pearl is evil and throws it back into the ocean; he discovers that it was the pearl harming the familt the whole time

"Mulan": Mulan receives a medal of honor and the sword of Shang Yu from the emperor himself; shows Mulan's bravery
The Emerging Hero
"The Pearl": Kino returns home from the mountains

"Mulan": Mulan returns home to her family with Shang
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