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Hero's Journey Project

Hero's Journey in "The Fault in our Stars" by John Green

Megan Masterson

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Hero's Journey Project

Hero's Journey Project by Megan Masterson The Fault In Our Stars by John Green Hazel Grace is a surviving cancer patient who is 17 years old and her parents require her to attend Support Group. Ordinary World One day at Support Group, Hazel notices a new boy who she thinks is attractive and he will not stop looking at her. Afterward, he introduces himself to her as Augustus Waters. Call To Adventure/Meeting The Mentor Augustus Waters asks Hazel to come watch a movie that reminds him of her and she allows herself to be persuaded by Augustus. Thus their journey together begins. Crossing The Threshold Hazel and Augustus spend the vast majority of their time together and Hazel finds herself falling fast for Augustus. They share their sacred books with one another, and Augustus and Hazel have a strong connection with "An Imperial Affliction." For Augustus's cancer wish, he chooses to go on a vacation to Amsterdam with Hazel to visit Peter Van Houten, the author of "An Imperial Affliction" and learn what occurs after the end of the story. Tests, Allies, and Enemies Hazel's lung cancer flares and she wakes up in the hospital in ICU. After being released, it is decided by her parents and doctors that she would not be making the trip to Amsterdam with Augustus. After some thought, Hazel's parents revoke that decision and allow her to go as long as her mom is there to help her if need be. Approach Hazel and Augustus make it to Amsterdam, but when they meet Van Houten, it turns out he is a nasty snob. Augustus and Hazel still manage to have a good time, until Augustus reveals to Hazel that while she was in ICU, his cancer flared and he found out he would soon be dying. Ordeal Hazel Grace and Augustus are able to enjoy a happy last few months together. Gus has Hazel prepare him a eulogy at an emergency Support Group session and it is here that they can look back at the wonderful time they had together. Reward Hazel some how manages to live through the grief of losing Augustus, and at his funeral, Peter Van Houten talks to her and she realizes his daughter had Leukemia and that was the basis of his book. Though this does not make up for the terrible things he said, Hazel kind of understands now. The Road Back Thanks to one of Hazel's old friends from school, Hazel realizes that Gus sent a letter to Van Houten just before he died. Hazel contacts his assistant and she sends the letter to Hazel. The letter was about Hazel and the things they had learned together. Upon reading this, Hazel realizes she wouldn't have her life without Augustus and that the memories they made together will never be forgotten Resurrection Works Cited "Books." The Seattle Times. N.p., 14 Jan. 2012. Web. 18 Sept. 2012. <http://seattletimes.com/html/books/2017235119_kidsbooks14.html>.
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