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FMEA : vacuum cleaner

No description

Maxime Vos

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of FMEA : vacuum cleaner

FMEA : vacuum cleaner
FMEA: highest occurence
regular problems that happen a lot:

switch breakes off
cause : wear
consequence: diminished suction power
severity 2
occurrence 4
detection 1
RPN : 8
action : search for more resistant materials

power cable doesn't roll up anymore
cause : wear/broken elastic
consequence: power cable doesn't roll up
severity 4
occurrence 4
detection 1
RPN : 16
action : search for more resistant materials/maintenance

No sever failure modes that lead to injury to people or properties
Only damage to product itself possible
but, they do not occur a lot
Vacuum cleaner
How does it work?
electric current operates the motor with fan

=> create a vacuum
=> stream of air, rubs against dust
=> catch dust and send air back out
fan attached to electric motor

in detail: the electric motor
1. ball-bearing
2. rotor
3. carbon-brushes
4. stator

ball-bearing is damaged
cause : wear/ to much vibrations(*)
consequence: Overdrive/Noise/ Diminished suction power/ motor stops
severity 7
occurrence 1
detection 8
RPN : 56
action : Quality testing during assembly process

carbon brushes exhausted
cause : Wear
consequence: rotations will become irregular/ rpm decrease/ damage to motor
severity 8
occurence 1
detection 8
RPN : 64
action : Quality testing during assembly process

FMEA: highest risk priority number
damaged ball-bearing
bad assembled rubber
Carbon brushes
power cable
broken switch

indication meter damaged
cause : wear
stage: full bag
consequence: not noticing a full bag => overheating=> possible damage to motor
severity 8
occurrence 1
detection 9
RPN : 72
action : search for more resistant materials/ testing during maintenance

FMEA: highest priority number
indication meter
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