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Health effects of

No description

Jayden Banner

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Health effects of

Health effects of

Energy drinks

By Jayden
Overall it depends on what you are doing like sports, hiking, mountain climbing, biking and other athletic things. In the end it is up to you if you want to drink them.
Long Term Effects
Trouble sleeping
Chest pain
Short Term Effects
upset stomach
difficulty concentrating
difficulty sleeping
Benefits of Energy Drinks
Downsides to Energy Drinks
Energy drinks can boost heart rates and blood pressure. They may also make it hard to fall asleep and dehydrate the body. Energy drinks also have many harmful chemicals.
Energy drinks provide a boost of energy similar to caffeine. energy drinks may be purported to provide detoxification and sustain mental process.
Fast Facts
Energy drinks can be found in almost any corner store and gas station.
Energy drinks contain; manufactured taurine, high amounts of caffeine, and guarana.
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