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the gap between rich and poor

This presentation is about the gap between rich and poor, in which it will talk about the definition, causes, effects and solutions.

Tazumi Tomomi

on 19 July 2013

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Transcript of the gap between rich and poor

What we can do
income gap
Global issue
Solution 1
the gap between
rich and poor
the poor decrease people in the world
the gap between rich and poor such as income, food, education,and living standard.
Where is it happening?
Developed countries have to help or support
the developing countries.
the economy cannot cycle
poor people cannot to go to the hospital and school.
poor people cannot eat food satisfactorily.
to happen other global problems
a sovereign state that has a highly developed economy and advanced technology.
Developed country:
Developing country:
a nation with a low living standard
Any possible problems
to happened the difference between poor or not poor in poor people.
have to treat equally
Many companies need
to employ poor people
poor people don't have the working skills
poor people may not know how to work
poor people get an opportunity to escape the poverty
the company should do
to provide the training
not to do the discrimination
make the as possible as same salary between rich and poor
the government should educate the family planning and how to use and save money for poor people.
the reason
because almost poor people family have many children, so the family budget almost cost for children.
then, poor family will be more poor people.
it means poor people cannot do the birth control
poor people should learn about
the birth control
how to use money
saving money
the government should educate the family planning and how to use money for poor people.
Many companies need
to employ poor people
Developed countries have to help or support
the developing countries.
focused on
the poor people
Thank you :)
Rich has
the ability to invest
or open a new business which will enable them to gain multiple times of profit.

Poor has
no ability to invest
. Hence, they would remain in the primary sector (eg: agriculture) as they are not as risky.
economic depression
the system of the political
population explosion
want to go to school
want to eat food
population explosion
In china
started "the one-child policy"
There were people who give birth to a child without telling the government. Then, they have to pay the fine. people lose maney.
Hidden children who don't have the nationality can't go to the hospital and school. Then, children cannot work, so they cannot get the money by themselves.
to increase the poor people
        in the way of thinking
poor people feel "they are rich".
rich people feel " they are poor".
Developed countries should supply food and money for people who want to escape the porvety.
this solution is focused on the people who cannot change by themself after get the money and food from the government or developed countries
to happen the difference in sense of values.
it is difficult to solve this, becouse poor and rich people live in different enviroment
Do they think
Cheap or High?
It is difficult to solve this problem, but people in the world don't think enough this problem and don't do enough to help poor people.
I think that it is important to find small things which is we can do for poor people
Of course, poor people must be going to change by themselves, too.
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