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Copy of tropicana

No description

Samer Elmansy

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of tropicana

Tropicana Samer El Mansy
Ahmed Alaa

Dr. Wael El Dessouky Tropicana Juice Turning from the state of awake to alive. Our Vision Our mission is to be the world's premier consumer products company focused on convenient foods and beverages. Our Mission Founded in 1947

Since 1988, PepsiCo

Specialize in Orange Juice Introduction
Rich taste as it contains more fruit juice than any other juice drinks
Experienced and quality management. (over 60 years)
Strong financial position
Strong company image
Quality & variety
Effective & attractive packaging(tetra pack)
UK's no. 1 juice. SWOT analysis: SWOT analysis: Weakness
Awareness of the brand
Substitute products
It is expensive compared to its other competitors in the market such as juhayna, beyti.

Research & development
Makes people active
Acquiring people's attention and awareness.
Expansion in other areas of country
Establish impactful shelf presence Threats

 Entering a new market.
Preference for people having coffee or other beverages
Political conditions in the country may be obstacle to exports
Unpredictable demand.
Unfavorable trends and economic situation. SWOT analysis Target Market A class
1. 10 billboards in premium locations
2. 15 bus stops on main streets
3. 170 - 200 light boxes
4. Campaigns in High A-class events to market for the product
5. Sponsoring big events
6. media campaigns especially during ramadan
7. Presence in famous hotels with banners
8.Banners in front of each hyper market Market Share Price: A class will range from 2.25 for the 200 ml tetrapak and 10 l.e for the 1 L tetrapak

2. Place: A class targeted juice will be in large super markets & Hyper markets, Hotels, fancy Restaurants.

3. Product: The product will deliver both tangible and in tangible satisfactions to the customer, as it will deliver the great taste of fruit nectar juice with awesome  natural flavours.The packaging will be in the form of a tetrapak with a cap on the top.

4. Promotion: the promotion will be done through serving the juice in all the elite events such as BMW/Mercedes, conferences , festivals and VIP events and served at all fancy restaurants and Hotels, to make people attached to the brand, flyers and banners will be put inside or near those places.

5. People: everyone engaged in the new campaign of this product will be well trained about how to explain our product and how to deliver the superior value of our product to our target customers.

6. Physical Evidence:  , Testimonials from people such as hotel manager, large hyper markets owners and well-known celebrities talking about our product plus ISO certification and reports from trusted sources about healthiness and quality of the product.  

7. Process: The process the customers go through to buy our product will be extremely easy as it will be available at the places targeting the A class as mentioned before . The 7 Ps  (A class)
"tropicana (world's no. 1 juice brand) better than the best"

Value Proposition:
1. Rich
2. Smooth
3. Gathers family & friends together
4. Taste
5. Elite Packaging
6. Natural Flavor (premium nectars)
7. Healthy
8. World's favourite beverage, after water
9. Uk's no. 1 juice
10. Expertly made from natural real fruit.
11. Nothing artificial all natural
12. No preservatives.
13. Delicious. Positioning & Value proposition
• Tropicana juice is a Market Challenger.

• We will use 2 competitive strategies, for the A Class where we want to increase the market share of Tropicana juice and the other will be for the B class where we’re creating a new demand to increase the awareness of the Tropicana fruit juice.

1st Attack Strategy:”Flank Attack”   as we will attack our competitors in its weak points, where most competitors in this segment have the min. Amount of juice % required to qualify them as nectars. Tropicana will b the only high content nectar in the market... Lastly juice drinks with less than 10% fruit nectar.

2nd Attack Strategy: “Encirclement “Blitzo” opponent which is basically the propaganda that will be created around our product with all the campaigns, the promotions, the offers, the aggressive advertising campaign and the distribution channels. Brand Competitive strategy History In 1952, with growth of the orange juice business in mind
Rossi purchased the Grapefruit Canning Company in Bradenton.
The fresh fruit segments and orange juice business were so successful that He developed flash pasteurization in 1954,
a process that rapidly raised the temperature of juice for a short time to preserve its fresh taste.
For the first time, consumers could have the fresh taste of pure not-from-concentrate juice in a ready to serve chilled package. Thank you..
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