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Website Evaluation

How to evaluate a website based on Authority, Accuracy, Objectivity, Currency and Coverage

Marie Slim

on 12 March 2012

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Transcript of Website Evaluation

Evaluating Websites Authority Accuracy Objectivity Currency Coverage Who is the author? This may be a person or an organization. Most times, it's a person. INVESTIGATE to find the author/sponsoring organization!

Is the author an expert? Do they have a degree or advanced training or reseach in the content of the website? What are their credentials? Google them! Email them!

Is the author even listed on the website? If not, INVESTIGATE to find him/her/it!

Does the URL of the website have a % or ~ the name "users," "members," or "people?" This is a bad sign!

Was the website linked from a trusted site?

What is the URL? .edu? .org? .net? .com? .gov? .mil? .us? from another country? Are the sources well documented? Is the info verifiable?

Is it first-hand information?

If it is second-hand information, is it not altered nor forged?

Are there any spelling or grammar errors? If so, that's proof
that it wasn't edited by anyone but the author! Why was the website put on the Internet?
to inform with facts and data?
to explain?
to persuade?
to sell?
to entice?
to share/disclose? Any advertising should be clearly differentiated from the content of the website. Any sponsorship should be clearly stated. The date the site was most recently updated is clearly displayed.

The site contains few or no "dead" links. The site should be complete and not "under construction."

The content is useful.

The web page is AS GOOD AS (or better than) published material (such as academic journals and books found in print or in databases).
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