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No description

Akhilraj Cj

on 6 March 2017

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Transcript of SilkAir

Singapore Airlines
Its a Regional Airline
Founded in 1976
Commenced operations in 1992
Foo Chai Woo (CEO)

{FY : 2015-16} S$965.7 million
Operating Income
{FY : 2015-16} S$90.6 million
Net Income
{FY : 2015-16} S$122.0 million
Tradewind Charters
Formed in 1975.
Serving leisure destinations using planes.
Scheduled services were introduced as Tradewinds Airlines on 1989.
Pattaya, Phuket, Hat Yai and Kuantan from Singapore's Changi International Airport and Tioman from Singapore's Seletar Airport.
3 more were added!!
Jakarta, Phnom Penh and Yangon
Silk Air
Given the airline its present name and logo as a new corporate identity.
The re-branded airline utilized up to six of the new Boeing 737-300s introduced.
In mid 1990's Company introduced 2 AirBus A310-200 aircraft.
first Asian carrier to offer handheld portable video-on-demand (VOD) in-flight entertainment
AirAsia, SilkAir& Malindo
AirAsia, SilkAir& Malindo
AirAsia's BIG loyalty Programme
"Now everyone can fly...."
Global Programme
Can earn points from every transactions and can be redeemed it for free flights with AirAsia.
Online Promotion
Online Promotion
Malindo Air TVC
Online Promotion with celeb's.
SilkAir is also holding an online contest where fans can either visit the website or scan the QR code located on ads to win tickets on SilkAir
Online Contest
Online media provides the opportunity to target SilkAir passengers before they leave for their travel. Opportunities include - Booking confirmation e-mail - e-ticket itinerary
Online Media
Suggestions to Marketing activities
1. Tie up with Corporates.
2. Increase public awareness by presenting more bill boards in cities.
3. Add-on more services with the main service.
( Tie up with hotels, shopping destinations) etc.
4. Aware the customer that the SilkAir is different from Singapore Airlines.
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