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Annie LaMae Argenbright

jet pack

Annie Argenbright

on 7 October 2011

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Transcript of Annie LaMae Argenbright

Jet Pack What is it The Jet pack was By: Annie argenbright The first jet pack was called
Bell Rocket Belt. It was
invented in 1961. It was
for military commanders to fly over the battlefield. A jet pack is a powerful jet that is in a backpack. It is used for astronats to travel far away from the space craft. They would also explore space or planets. In 1998 the Martian Aircraft decided to build a better jet pack to improve the Bell Rocket Belt. In 2005 it broke the flight time
and achived subtaned flight time. The bad things are it is really expensive it is $86,000. I know it might be expensive but i would not have to ride the dumb bus. This way i could also tell dad to fill up my vehicle when he fills up my moms car and my sisters car. If i did get a jet pack I would use it for going to school coming back from school and if i needed to get something fast and in a hurry. why?? So i could save mom gas so she doesn't have to picks me up from the bus stop. I could even vist grandma when she needs to work late. The bad thing is that gas would cost alot so, mom or dad would have to buy more gas for the jet pack. So it would be really expensive. THE END BY: annie Argenbight Some reveiws are alexis Harris say "it looks really cool." http://www.popsci.com/technology/article/2011-08/finally-jetpack-flies The jetpack fuel only last for 30 minutes
but last long enough to get to your destination.
It uses regular gasoline. one other thing is the piolet must weight 140-240 lbs so i could add some weights so i won't really fly away. http://newscnet.com/8301-17938_105-10466873-1.html
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