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No description

Cherize Jean Camposano

on 29 March 2015

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57 General Luis Street, Novaliches, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Jacinto Ng
The owner of rebisco corporation
Business profile

Jacinto Ng, Sr. is a second generation Chinese-Filipino businessman that founded the Rebisco Group of Companies. He founded the New England Biscuit in 1963 form a tiny rented second-hand factory. He then moved the company to a new compound in Novaliches Quezon City. By 1972, he had renamed New England Biscuit as Republic Biscuit Corporation or simply Rebisco. Seeing the gap in crackers, Ng introduced the first cracker with filling Rebisco Cracker Sandwhich, which became the flagship brand of the company.
The success of Rebisco led him to establish other companies. In 1989, in order to dominate the nuts and seeds market, Ng incorporated the JBC Foods Corporation. Seeing the potential in the cake snacks industry, he found the Suncrest Food Corporation in 1995, Multirich Corporation in 1999, and Pinnacle Foods in 2000. The last as aN entry to the chips and curls market. In 2003, he acquired 60% of the Storck Products, Inc., the company licensed to locally produce Storck, a eucalyptus menthol candy, by the Storck Durchbeisserand Riesen Schoko.
As you all know, Rebisco was enjoyed by millions of Filipinos not only because it has a unique taste, but also because it is very affordable. Even today, despite the increasing prices of commodities and basic needs, Rebisco still remained as the unbeatable biscuit maker in the Philippines.

Rebisco was established in 1963 and it is named as England Biscuit Factory. It is only located in a small rented second-hand factory in San Juan. The startup money of Jacinto Ng at that time is only $5,000 so it is not as big as you would have imagined. The success of the company has made it possible for Jacinto to transfer it out of the San Juan Factory and eventually, they had a new factory waiting for them in Novaliches, Quezon City.

In 1972, the huge success of the company has led to a new image and a new name. The former England Biscuit Factory became Republic Biscuit Corporation.

Over the years, Rebisco didn’t stop in producing different companies to conquer different segments of the market. Here are some of the companies added to Rebisco.

JBC Food Corporation in 1989
Suncrest Foods Inc. in 1995
Multirich Corporation in 1999
Pinnacle Foods Inc in 2000
SPI Corporation (formerly known as Storck Products Incorporated) in 2003

To be the dominant snack food company in the Philippines by providing innovative and best-value products within reach of consumers.


Continuously innovate and manage a portfolio of products that are attuned to the dynamic needs and wants of consumers.
Ensure extensive availability of products in all channels of distribution.
Progressively develop our people for company and individual growth.
Improve systems and processes for an organized and productive work environment.
Ensure that the organizational structure is aligned to the growing needs of the company.
Continuously maintain and upgrade facilities that will increase the level of efficiency and productivity.


Excellence - going beyond expectation
Innovation - setting the trend or making it better
Customer Satisfaction - achieving customer's delight
Commitment - unwavering pride and dedication to what the organization stands for
Teamwork - working together harmoniuously towards a common goal

Rebisco is committed to bringing out the finest of its people with good benefits, compensation, and a team that will guide you in laying out a career path that suits you best. Each day presents an opportunity to practice your learning. Each day is a challenge to test your skills and create an impact not only locally but internationally, with Rebisco's continuing expansion in countries like Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Dubai.
Core value:
cutomer's satisfaction,commitment and team work.
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