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5. Latin America Videos

No description

Chris Kapuscik

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of 5. Latin America Videos

Latin America Video Tour!!!
Amazon River
Amazon Deforestation
Christ the Redeemer
Panama Canal Time-Lapse
Mayan Pyramids in Belize
Life in a Favela
Macchu Picchu
Iguazu Falls & Angel Falls
The average size of one of these snake-giants is 20 feet long and 300 pounds!
Anacondas are part of the Boa Constrictor family. Anacondas live near rivers, lakes and swamps and like to live alone.
An estimated 18 million acres of forest, roughly the size of Panama, are lost each year to deforestation
During the past 40 years, close to 20 percent of the Amazon rain forest has been cut down
Scientists fear that an additional 20 percent of the trees will be lost over the next two decades.
The length of the Amazon River is 4000 miles
The Amazon River is the principle path of transportation for people and produce in the area
It is the second longest river in the World
The Amazon River fact is home to the piranha – a deadly meat eating fish.
Though piranhas have a reputation for attacking, there’s not much evidence to support the legend. Like grizzly bears, wolves, sharks, and pretty much any large scary thing with teeth, piranhas will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

The pyramids, which were built starting nearly 3,000 years ago, are perhaps the greatest tourist attractions of Mexico and Central America.
Two types of pyramids were constructed: one for sacrificial rituals and the second for sacred ceremonies.
In the original plans for the statue, Christ was holding a globe and a cross
A symbol of Brazilian Christianity, the statue has become an icon for Rio de Janeiro and Brazil
The 50-mile-long passage created an important shortcut for ships;
a vessel sailing between New York and California was able to bypass the long journey around the tip of South America and trim nearly 8,000 miles from its voyage.
More than 25,000 workers died during the canal’s construction.
is the term for a slum in Brazil, most often within urban areas.
This was the place where former slaves with no land ownership and no options for work lived.
Machu Picchu was built at the height of the Inca Empire, which dominated western South America in the 15th and 16th centuries.
It was abandoned an estimated 100 years after its construction, probably around the time the Spanish began their conquest in the 1530s.
Machu Picchu is Peru’s most visited attraction and South America’s most famous ruins, welcoming hundreds of thousands of people a year.
The waterfall system consists of 275 falls
Taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide, Iguazu Falls are the result of a volcanic eruption which left a large crack in the earth.
is an active volcano, located in the states of Puebla, State of Mexico, and Morelos, in Central Mexico
it is the second highest peak in Mexico
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