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Present Progressive


Songwook Lee

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Present Progressive

Lesson 3. A Family Concert
Today's Goals
1. We can use "
be + ~ing
" form
to tell about a picture or an action.
2. We can question and answer using
be + ~ing
" form.
Let's Watch a Short Video Clip!
Guess the Words!
A: This is my house.
am going
into the house.
Let's Read a Dialogue
A: This is my father.
B: Hello! What
are you
A: I
'm making
a movie.
are you doing
B: I
'm ____________
A: OK. Thanks, Dad. See you.
is making
a movie.

is not dancing.

Is he making
a movie?
Yes, he is.
/ No, he isn't.
be(am,are,is...) + ~ing
What are they doing?
Paul is drinking water.
Molly and Peter
are dancing
Rick _________________
is cheering
____ Tony standing?
No, he _____.
isn't. ( is not. )
Activity #2
Let's play a mime game!
What is he doing?
He _______________
is swimming.
Yes, she is.
Is she studying?
Today's Homework
Find the
for making ~ing form
on your notebook.
ex) come -> coming (e -> X)
Are you singing?
Yes, I am. / No, I am not.
Let's Read a Dialogue
A: This is our kitchen. That's
my Mom. Hello Mom!
B: Hello! What
are you
A: I
'm making
a movie.
are you doing
B: I
'm __________ a newspaper
on the Internet.
A: OK. Thanks, Mom.
am watching
am reading
am cleaning

I am washing
the dishes
Activity #1
Interview your friends and
fill in the blanks!
What is Tom doing?

He is sleeping.
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