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Wilfredo Maria Guerrero's The Forsaken House

charmaine ardina

on 20 September 2012

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a play by Wilfrido Maria Guerrero The Forsaken House "While many Filipino families of the time embrace change, Don Ramon maintains a severe hold on his family, specially his children. He forbids them from going out with friends yet does not welcome the idea of entertaining visitors at home either. He distrusts their peers and dictates what they can and cannot do in life. Though having only his children’s best interests at heart, his unyielding will to wield control over their lives spur a series of events that led him and his entire family spiraling uncontrollably towards an ominous fate. And such fate unfolds in unexpected and heartbreaking proportions."
Mc Richard Paglicawan PLOT Act 1: seven in the evening
Act 2: two weeks later, eight in the evening
Act 3:three weeks later, eight-thirty in the evening

Place: in a dimly lighted and richly-furnished living room SETTING Ramon – husband
Encarna - submissive wife
Teresita – eldest daughter, most self possessed of the children
Clemencia - tiny and weak of constitution, nervous by temperament
Adeling - pretty, strong-willed and impulsive
Jorge - the eldest brother
Flavio - most reserved of the brothers, his reserved nature is dangerous, his brooding eyes reveal strange longings and desires
Gonzalo - the youngest of the family
Tony - the prodigal son who ran away to the U.S
Tio Carlos, Tia Pelagia, Nilda, Edgardo, Mr. Sarte, a servant, a policeman CHARACTERS THEME Family.
The play shows a typical Filipino family with a conservative and dominant father who failed to keep the family intact because of the rigid restrictions he imposed upon his children, a submissive mother who took the backseat role of raising the children and the children who wanted to be free from their controlling father. Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero is a teacher and theater artist whose 35 years of devoted professorship has produced the most sterling luminaries in Philippine performing arts today: Behn Cervantes, Celia Diaz-Laurel, Joy Virata, Joonee Gamboa, etc. In 1947, he was appointed as UP Dramatic Club director and served for 16 years. As founder and artistic director of the UP Mobile Theater, he pioneered the concept of theater campus tour and delivered no less than 2,500 performances in a span of 19 committed years of service. By bringing theatre to countryside, Guerrero made it possible for students and audiences in general to experience the basic grammar of staging and acting in familiar and friendly ways through his plays that humorously reflect the behavior of the Filipino.
His plays include Half an Hour in a Convent, Wanted: A Chaperon, Forever, Condemned, Perhaps, In Unity, Deep in My Heart, Three Rats, Our Strange Ways, The Forsaken House, Frustrations. (NCCA) WILFRIDO MARIA GUERRERO photos from FB album of
AUF Repertory Theater Photo Credits Paglicawan, Mc Richard. "Stage Play Review : Wilfrido Maria Guerrero's The Forsaken House ~ Mangyan Blogger." Stage Play Review : Wilfrido Maria Guerrero's The Forsaken House ~ Mangyan Blogger. N.p., 2 Mar. 2012. Web. 20 Sept. 2012.

"Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero." The UP Repertory Company Online Library. The UP Repertory Company, n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2012.

"The National Artists of the Philippines Wilfrido Maria Guerrero." National Commission for Culture and the Arts. National Commission for Culture and the Arts, n.d. Web. 20 Sept. 2012. Online Sources "Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero was born in Ermita, Manila. He studied at the Ateneo de Manila University, at the University of the Philippines, and briefly, at Columbia University. He wrote his first play at age 14, and his play in Spanish, 'No Todo Es Risa', was produced at the Ateneo when he was 15." (UP Repertory Company Online Library) "Guerrero has been the recipient of three national awards: the Rizal Pro-Patria Award (1961), the Araw ng Maynila Award (1969), and the Republic Cultural Heritage Award (1972)

Upon his death in May 1995, his colleagues in the theater and the academe drafted a resolution declaring him National Artist. Two years later, the national government officialy proclaimed Guerrero as 'National Artist for Theater' ." (UP Repertory Company Online Library) Video Credits ACt 3 Excerpt of The Forsaken House performed at the Dulaang UP (Feb-March 2012) uploaded by SNOWFLAKEDGAERL inYoutube.com
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