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My summer Plans

No description

alex bartholow

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of My summer Plans

My summer Plans My Summer Plans This summer i have nothing better to do then
hangout with my girlfriend and go camping.
Camping The places im going camping are:
Yogi Bear
Drummer Boy
Treasure Island

Yogi Bear has a really big water park that is a bunch of fun adn does not cost money like Drummer Boy does Drummer Boy Camp Resort Drummer Boy is extremely expensive fotr a camp grounf but a very nice camp. They have two pools and a water park area. Treasure Island Treasure Island Camp Resort is in Delaware right outside of ocean city maryland. This Resort has boat docking right next to your camper or text and also a skatepark. Girlfriend:) when im camping and when im not i will be with my girlfriend Ashlyn. Besides hanging with my girlfriend and camping i will be making music, fixing computers, and making weapons(for recreational reasons no harm to people). My music Editing software My Latest Weapon the Bo Shuriken Then Back to school and misc. stuff inbetween everything.
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