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Armenian Genocide

No description

Narek Zograbian

on 3 April 2015

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Transcript of Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide
Who were involved?
Armenians (Assyrians and Greeks were also involved)
The Ottoman Empire
What happened?
Beginning of 1915 to 1923
1.5 million unarmed Armenians were killed
Background History
How were Armenians affected by this?
How does this relate to the Crucible?
How did this start?
On April 24, 1915, some 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders were arrested and killed.
All Armenians, even soldiers serving in the Ottoman empire, were forced to register their weapons and were soon taken to labor battalions, where they were either killed or worked to death
April 24, 1915, is considered the official start of the Armenian Genocide...
What happened?
Armenian Women and Children were raped, converted to Islam, and sold to Turkish families or Harems.
Turkish Soldiers would bet whether or not the woman was pregnant and they would cut her open to see.
Men, women, and children were deported, death marched, publicly beaten, and forced labor.
"Like a man standing by a river without any means of rescue. But instead of water, the river flowed with blood and thousands of innocent children, blameless old men, helpless women and strong young people all on their way to destruction. Those I could seize with my hands I saved; the others I assume floated downstream, never to return"
Armenians were the first Christians in the world
There were Ethnic and Religious tensions between the Muslims, Ottomans and the Christian Armenians
Armenians in the Ottoman empire were mainly merchants and industrialists
Armenians were subject to extra taxes and other measures even though they were very loyal
The Young Turks were determined to "Turkify" the empire in 1908. They were led by those who were later often called as the Three Pashas.
The Armenians Nationalists took sides with the Russians in March 1914 after Turkey tried to capture Baku.
However, Armenians were blamed for the disastrous loss against the Russians
The Armenian Genocide and the Crucible both were unfortunate events in which multiple innocent people were killed or persecuted.
The killings were both partially caused by religious tension and envy.
The motive were also similar in wanting revenge and the dislikes between the race and religion.
Both began with rumors, leading to misunderstandings that ended with innocent deaths
Young Turks sought personal vengeance and did so by gaining and abusing government power
Deep hatred for the Ottomans and other world powers that refuse to recognize the Genocide
The Armenian population, culture, and even family history was forever altered due to the Genocide
Relations between Turkey and Armenia were left with only the feelings of hatred and vengeance over their ancestors
The Armenians were left crippled as a nation and as people
How did outsiders react to it?
In different countries people either acknowledge the genocide or deny it.
The U.S. has 42 states that recognize the Genocide
France passed a law in 2012 that outlawed Genocide denial and Turkey demanded that they have the law repealed
The U.N. and even former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, avoid the term Genocide, and label the Genocide as a tragic event or atrocity in order to prevent relations with Turkey from being damaged
U.S. Ambassadors have documented the events occurring within Turkey between 1915-1923 and from there a campaign to save Armenian Orphans was created
1.5 Million Christian Armenians were killed.
Western Powers didn't put in any effort whatsoever to punish those who committed crimes against all humanity
The Three Pashas were later granted protection in Germany
Genocide isn't recognized due to Western Powers wanting to keep Turkey as an ally, both politically and financially , who uses political power to force other countries into denying or not acknowledging the Armenian Genocide as a Genocide
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