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The Life-course

No description

Kinga Tóth

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of The Life-course

Tóth Kinga - BA in Sociology
English for Social Sciences I.
2012.10.04. The socialization and the life-course Socialization George Herbert Mead Child socialization Gender learning
Freud's theory
Chodorow's theory
Gilligan's explanation Gender socialization 'Life-cycle' is biological
'Life-course' is social as well
Social class, gender, ethnicity, historical situation Life-course Socialization
Agencies of socialization
Primary and secondary socialization
Symbolic interactionism
Sensorimotor stage
Pre-operational stage
Concrete operational stage
Formal operational stage
Youth culture
Young adulthood
Greying of population
Social gerontology
Disengagement theory Terms Structure What is socialization?
Agencies of socialization
Child socialization
Gender socialization
Aging Definition The process whereby the helpless human infant gradually becomes a self-aware, knowledgeable person, skilled in the ways of the culture they were born. Symbolic interactionism
'I' and 'me'
unsocialized and social self
Play and game
learning the generalized other
Critical points Mead on the social self Being self-aware Jean Piaget Children have the active capability to make sense of the world
1. Sensorimotor stage
2. Pre-operational stage
3. Operational stage
4. Formal operational stage
Criticism Stages of cognitive development Agencies of socialization Groups or social context in which significant processes of socialization occur
Primary and secondary socialization
Peer relationships
The mass media Childhood
Young adulthood
Mature adulthood
Later life Ageing People in the richer countries are leading longer, healthier and more productive life than ever before
Greying societies
Biological, psychological and social ageing
Inequality and older people References Giddens, A. (2009) Sociology - Sixth edition. (Cambridge: Polity Press)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialization (last accessed: 05.10.2012)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piaget%27s_theory_of_cognitive_development (last accessed: 05.10.2012) Thank you for your attention! Source: http://psychology4a.com/develop2.htm Source: http://jayaentertainment.blogspot.hu/2011/11/gender-socialization.html
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