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Isotope research project

7 slideeessss stable and unstable

ivina russell

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Isotope research project

Isotope research Project
Ivina Russell

Student Activity
1. Where are the mass variances in two atoms of the same elements?
The mass variances in two atoms of the same elements is located in the Nucleus.
2. Why do they occur?
Every isotope will have different set of properties and due to their difference in neutron number the physical properties do show a variation but the chemical properties remain same.
3. How are two isotopes the same or different in terms of physical and chemical properties?
if the isotope is a chemical element then each isotope has a different and specific atomic mass

Some more Student Activity
4. What comes to mind when you hear the word “radioactive”?
An easily reactive isotope
5. What is the difference between a “stable” and “unstable” isotope?
A stable isotope does not decay and therefore, maintains a constant concentration on Earth.
Unstable isotopes can spontaneously undergo changes, transforming them into other isotopes of the same or of different elements.
6. What are some uses/applications of isotopes?
used for diagnosis, treatment, and research

Medical Isotopes used in Diagnosis
Explain what is meant by the "natural abundance
"of isotopes.
Explain how to calculate the atomic mass of an element containing a mixture of isotopes.
What is an Isotope?
8 Protons + 8 neutrons
Atomic Mass- 15.9949
Atomic Number 8
It is a light oxygen which allows it to evaporate easily
What is a a medical isotope?
A medical isotope is a very small quantity of radioactive substance used in safe, cost-effective imaging and treatment of disease
What can medical isotopes do in diagnosis?
Radioisotopes give off energy that can be detected by special equipment. When small quantities are introduced into the body, the imaging equipment tracks their location and movement. This enables the doctors to learn more about the diseased tissues than a diagnostic procedure that just takes a picture from the outside.
Atoms with the same number of electrons and protons, but different numbers of neutrons
Ex. These are 3 common isotopes of Hydrogen
In Chemistry, natural abundance is the abundance of isotopes of a chemical element as naturally found on a planet.
(mass of isotope)(%abundance)+(mass of isotope)%abundance)
What is the difference between a "stable" and "unstable" isotope?
Please refer back to slide 3 for your answer
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