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BS-Finance Information Session

For GWSB Students

Mirasol Espanola

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of BS-Finance Information Session

Bachelor of Science
with a major in

Information Session
GWSB Students

Application Process
Mathematics or Statistics (3 cr hrs) - MATH 1231 + 1232
Natural/Physical Sciences with Lab (6-8 cr hrs)
Social Sciences (6 cr hrs) – ECON 1011 + 1012
Humanities (6 cr hrs)
Arts (3 cr hrs
General Education
Requirements if double major in CCAS or SEAS
UW 1020 (3 crs)
2 WID Courses (3 crs)
1 Oral Communication (3 crs)
Global or Cross-Cultural (3 cr hrs)
Local/Civic Engagement (3 cr hrs)
New Degree - Fall 2013
Degree requirements concentrated in field of Finance
Signature Business Core courses
General Education requirements from other schools
Required Major outside of GWSB
Option available to current first-year students ONLY!
History of the BS Degree
Highlights of the Degree & Curriculum Review
Application Process
FYDP: BADM 1001 & BADM 1002
Global Focus Signature Course *
Business and Society WID *
BADM 3001: Career Management Strategy (Sophomore)
BADM 4101: Business Law and Ethics (Senior)
Signature Courses
Calculus I & II
MATH 1231 + MATH 1232
Statistics (2 courses)
STAT 1051 or 1053 or 1111
STAT 2118
ECON 1011 + ECON 1012
Finance Major
Six Fixed Courses:
ACCY 2001 – Financial Accounting
ACCY 3106 – Financial Statement Analysis
BADM 3501 – Financial Management
FINA 3001 – Intermediate Finance
FINA 3101 – Investment & Portfolio Mgmt
FINA 4001 – Advanced Financial Management
Finance Major
Current Second Majors
Applied Mathematics
Computer Science
International Affairs
Organizational Science
Physics (BS)
Systems Engineering
Applications Due
March 15
History & Highlights
Select four of the following courses:
ACCY 2002 – Managerial Accounting
FINA 3201W - Exploring Finance with a Financial Simulation
FINA 3301 - Money and Capital Markets
FINA 4101 - Applied Financial Securities Analysis
FINA 4201 - Real Estate Investment
FINA 4900 – Special Topics: Derivatives
FINA 4900 – Special Topics: History of Finance
Finance Major course with a Global Focus:

Select one of the following: (1 course – 3 crs)
ECON 2182 - International Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
IBUS 3301 - International Business Finance
IBUS 4302 - International Banking
Requirements for Second Major
High GPA
Grades of B+ or higher in quantitative courses
Has already taken a sequence of Calculus courses
Ability to graduate in 4 years with selected 2nd major
Exceptional writing ability
Understands how degree aligns with their future goals
Ideal Candidate
GWSB Liberal Arts Requirements
Business Core Courses
1 or 2 concentrations
Finance concentration = 5 field courses
Lower and Upper-level electives
Can minor, but cannot double-major outside of GWSB
Fulfill CCAS’s GPAC/Gen Ed Curriculum
No BADM Core Courses
Calculus sequence required
Required 2nd major outside of GWSB
Electives not guaranteed
Required global-focused courses
Finance major = 10 courses + 1 Finance Major Global Focus Course
Differences between BBA/BS
Any Questions?
GWSB Undergraduate Advising Center
(202) 994-0727
* Courses to be developed / substitutions will be allowed
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