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Ragnarok, The end of all things

Norse Mythology, norse, mythology, ragnarok, apocalypse

Von Jamora

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Ragnarok, The end of all things

Ragnarok, The end of all things The world will experience 3 years of neverending winter The earth will be torn asunder with earthquakes and tsunamis Iormungand, the Midgard serpent will rise out of the water Loki and Fenrir will break free from their prisons The wolf Skoll will swallow the Moon The wolf Hati will swallow the Sun And out of Musspelhiem Surtr emerge with his flaming sword, Along with hel and Garm. Frost and Storm giants soon join the fray. Heimdall with sharp eyes would soon see what was about to happen and warns the gods. He knows The end of all things has come. Gods, the Aesir and Vanir would soon would don their armor and the dead warriors of vahalla would again gather their arms They would all ride into the battle. Asgard and Niffleheim would shake as the battle rages Odin would battle with loki's offspring Fenrir but would soon be devoured but Vidar the silent would avenge him Thor would once again battle the Midgard Serpent, Iormungand, finally killing it. His victory is short lived as the serpent's posionous breath kills him Surt would bear down on Frey. As loki fortold Frey would regeret giving his sword as he had only an antler of a deer to defend himself. He would fall after a great struggle. The fires of Muspellheim would spill out, scorching the world and everything would be destroyed But out of the sea a new world world would emerge. Green and Fresh As they have once before over Freya's necklace Loki and Heimdall would fight. At the same moment they would deal each other's killing blow Out of the roots of the tree Yggdrassil would emerge the survivors of Ragnarok Lif and Lifthrasir. From the ashes of old Asgard a new one would arrise and all the gods that survived would soon live in it. By Von Jamora
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