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P'resume for company X

My professional and personal qualifications for a position with Avaaz

C Line

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of P'resume for company X

Hi there!
Welcome to my

My name is
and I want to work for
writing briefs
research programs
meet with partners
review industry standards
meet with stakeholders
evaluate deadlines
pump up team
develop strategic plans
creative brainstorming
project planning
edit text
conference call
write press release
I'm more of a
8- whenever
kind of worker
I've never been good
at the

because when you
what you do
It doesn't feel
like work,
and you can just

keep going.
It's for this reason that I have often been compared to the energizer bunny.
Professional Experience
work & volunteer
Feel free to come back here later, right now I'm just going to give you a preview.
Created and executed marketing and promotional strategies to eleven stores.
Responsible for creative concepts, design and development of marketing materials.
Increased sales in eleven stores by twenty-one percent over previous years.
Developed guerilla marketing techniques such as chalk pathways and Canada day subs.
• Created and edited the schedule for 25 full and part time staff.
• Scheduled and lead training workshops of twenty people.
• Managed the budget of the third busiest retail location in Ontario.
Org -
Project Manager

Motivated by a friend's Grandfather who joined the Merchant Navy in WWII when he was only 16, but was not recognized in the Remembrance Day Ceremonies, I put together a group of students and lobbied the Federal Government to give these brave men and women recognition.
Responsible for media coordination and obtaining permits for events, booking locations and equipment rentals.
Org - Title
Org - Title
Org - Title
Serving as trusted advisor to President and CEO of Jazz Works and aiding in the strategic planning and outcomes of the organization.

Event Coordinator and Donations Coach -
The Weekend to End Breast Cance
Org - Title
Consultant and Writer
Manager, Communications and Individual Giving - Scouts Canada
My first opportunity to work outside of Canada,
I fundraised to support a trip with YCI to rural Guyana where we developed workshops aimed at raising awareness of HIV/AIDS and healthy relationships.
Website maintenance, coordinated marketing and communications for gallery showings and fundraising events as well as coordinated volunteers and opened social media accounts.
Acted as a advisor to the Board and CEO.
At the young age of 24 my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is lucky enough to be in remission, but it was a wake up call. This job was listed the day after she was diagnosed. I applied immediately and started two weeks later.
Coordinated the logistics and media of this 2.1 million dollar fundraising event
Aided participants in developing personal fundraising campaigns
Mentored event coordinators in campaigns across Canada
That's me! I know, blonde, what was I thinking?
Coordinated with other mentors to advise the foundation in setting up a project for single mothers and widows.
Performed research on advocacy, laws and protection of the local communities and to keep the camp running.
Amnesty was one of my first inspirations. After being a student intern with the organization, working on T4J was a natural decision. This one the most successful campaign in the organizations history with the widest cross Canada reach.
Org - Title
What's not on my resume
I can be a bit of a health nut
I have an organic garden in my house.
But I still make some of the best cupcakes around.

I'm passionate about changing the
world for the better and supporting
others who are doing the same
I'm a certified yoga instructor, spinning instructor and run coach.
This summer I participated in two half marathons,
one triathlon, one relay, the spartan race and city chase
But it doesn't take me long to get my next big idea and want to get back to work!

Have I convinced you?
I hope so
I'm always looking for my next adventure
During a time when Scouts Canada under scrutiny for the actions of some of its volunteers, I successfully managed campaigns which raised over four hundred thousand dollars more than expected. I also developed social media campaigns and safety plans for Scouts participants, and distribution to community.
I think I have the
and ambition
to be an effective and essential
new member of your team.
I would love the opportunity to prove it to you.
talk talk talk
out of the box
detail oriented
team player
The threat of cyber crime and the growth of cyber victimization brought me to Victim Services. In this position I was tasked with developing an education program for the public and police, giving them the basics in privacy, protection, and investigation.

This program was recognized at the International Victims Awareness Conference in Lisbon for it's innovative support of victims and aid in engaging social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Google.

• Working with the Communications Director I helped to establish communications and advocacy initiatives as well as in depth research and documentaiton of situations where UNHCR has programming.
• Traveled to Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan to interview women participating in programs as well as report on situation.

Org - Title

I have been working as a consultant since 2009, on a part time and sometimes full time basis. Working from my home office I primarily work on communications strategies and public relations for clients, but I have also been successful in
Working with partners in lobbying the Canadian government to bring forth new cyber bullying bill.
Published articles and press releases printed in the Globe and Mail, Dialogue Monthly.
Worked with RCMP and Provincial Police to develop new online investigation procedures.
While you don't learn everything in school, I believe it can help build a solid foundation. Here's mine:
Bachelor of Arts in Communications

University of Ottawa
Certificate in Peace Operations
The United Nations Peace Operations Training Institute

Certified Information Privacy Professional
(Canadian & European Program)

The International Association of Privacy Professionals
I'm awaiting a date for my final exam
I am currently studying part-time to complete my

I love to laugh and have fun in everything I do
Board Member, Advocacy Specialist
UN Women National Committee Canada
After an internship with UNHCR, I wanted to stay connected with the UN in Canada. As a operational board I worked on speech writing, event planning and advocacy development as well as meeting with the Governor General and MPP's to discuss women's rights in Canada.

Org - Title
• Working with staff and other volunteers to develop quality programming to support military families and the community in Trenton and the surrounding area.

Org - Title
• Responding to local disasters including fire, car crash, sudden death, flooding, domestic disputes.
• Shelter Coordinator for a period of one month during Alberta Floods, ensuring supplies, first aid, identification and other immediate needs were met.

I tend to tweet about it a lot
- look me up

on everything you'll find on my resume
Full of enthusiasm and a drive to succeed, I have made it a goal to remain educated and explore many areas of expertise.
Certificate in Art and Design
The Ottawa School of Art
My Strengths
My weaknesses
Maybe the balance thing is a bit cheesy,
but I'm also a Libra, so I thought it fit well.

A team player:
Ready for anything and here to help!
Tech savvy:
always learning the latest and greatest.
I have an eye for design and am constantly inspired with new attention grabbing ideas.
I'm a planner with lists of lists; I'm always thinking ahead.

Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and outgoing, I am always
looking for
ways to support others. The first one there and the last

to leave, I w
ork to empower those around me every step of the way.
When I get involved in something I dive in head first. This is a blessing and a curse. I'm highly competitive and will do anything to succeed.
I'm a proud Canadian!
I have over seven years
of experience in fundraising,
communications, advocacy
and program management
This experience means I am an expert at:

Developing strategic campaigns
Being creative
Gaining supporter and media attention
Creating meaningful relationships with team members and stakeholders
Remembering to smile and never give up
Let me tell you why I would be an asset to the team.
Master of Interdisciplinary Studies,
Conflict Analysis, Humanitarian Studies & International Communication
Royal Roads University.
November 11th 2007,
I was proud see this gentleman, and many
other Merchant Navy Veterans like him, in
the Remembrance Day Ceremony Parade
thanks to my team's
• Supporting research and communications development.
• Coordination of advocacy program logistics such as Write for Rights and Yoga Day.

My first advocacy initiative! (aside from lobbying my parents for a later curfew)

I lobbied the local hockey association to allow girls to try out for the boys team, and won! With some help of course.
Jump to 2004!
Program Volunteer, Communications and Advocacy
Org - Title
I joined Rooftops through a Canadian Government Internship program. In this role I had the opportunity to see community housing directly and work with those directly benefiting from our programming.

was one of my favourite places to work. There I had the opportunity to get my hands in everything. Government contracts, advocacy for maternal and child health or anti-FGM campaigns, social media, the works. I managed over fifteen campaigns a year individually, and supported an additional five with other teams.

A leader in the organization I also worked on a international communications task force regarding advocacy and key
messaging for the
My international experience is
limited, but I make up for that in
with an open mind, a hunger to
learn and a un-matched drive to
I'm a hard-working,
and passionate,
Program Director -
It is a project I embarked on with a colleague because we noticed there was a serious lack of service in the area. Finally running and functional, we are supporting hundreds of local women a month in career counselling, social support and referrals.

To get this up and running I was responsible for the following:
Grant and budget management with major donors and provincial government.
Facilitating outreach to immigrant populations in the area.
Coordinated community partnerships with police, municipal services and local vendors.
Emergency response for cases of domestic violence, sexual assault.
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