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Hero's Journey: Jason

No description

Sunset Apollos

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: Jason

Hero's Journey: JASON THE THRESHOLD THE CHALLENGES THE ABYSS THE RETURN THE CALL THE ATONEMENT THE TRANSFORMATION THE REVELATION In the story of Jason, the abyss is when King Aeetes makes Jason do different challenging tasks for the golden fleece. One of the tasks is Jason has to plow and plant a field in one day
using bulls that can cut someone in half and that breathe fire. In the Atonement, Jason and Medea crept into the sacred precinct of Ares. They quietly made off with the Golden Fleece which gave him the throne back. In the Challenge, Jason's men chased off the Harpies that were constantly bothering King Phineus giving them the acceptance of the King. The king then awarded them with advice for the other possible challenges ahead. FIN Jason's quest was over, and he returned to Greece, where he abandoned his helper Medea, to whom he had sworn his eternal love, for another princess. He then took back the throne that was rightfully his, ending the quest to overthrow his uncle Pelias. In the story of Jason he and the Argonauts are called to their quest when King Pelias sends Jason on the quest for the Golden Fleece. As Jason goes along his quest he is faced by multiple challenges that he can't physically overcome so he becomes smarter and less likely to resort to violence to solve his problems The Threshold, or the gateway to the new world of adventure, is when Jason and his Argonauts set sail in his ship, the Argo, and begin the quest for the Golden Fleece. In The Transformation, Jason realizes he needs to complete his quest as soon as possible so Medea helped him take care of his chores. He was relieved.
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