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Gym Cell Analogy Project

biology project relating a cell to a work out gym

Amanda Krantz

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Gym Cell Analogy Project

GYM ANALOGY Cell Membrane
~regulates what enters or leaves the cell and also gives a little support for the cell
~In the gym: the nutritionist regulates* what enters your body and also gives support* in weight loss Chromatin Chromatin
~long, thin strands of material one component of which is DNA; the chemical code that directs the activities of the cell
~In the gym: What makes the gym unique* (the history of the gym, the logo and slogan) Cytoskeleton Cytoskeleton
~the miniature internal support system of the cell
~In the gym: a trainer who supports* you encourages you to stay strong just like the cytoskeleton supports the cell Smooth ER
~transports proteins to the Golgi Apparatus
~In the gym: The hallway which transports* you to the locker room (See Golgi Apparatus) Central Vacuole
~Large storage room containing mostly water but also waste and food
~Specific to a plant cell
~Gives some support to the cell
~In the gym: a locker because it stores* things inside of it and is a place to hold your used stuff after a long day Cell Wall
~provides support for the cell so that it is rigid and can support itself
~In the gym: the outside walls of the gym that keeps the gym standing/ support system* Nuclear envelope
~membrane that protects the nucleus separating it from the cytoplasm
~In the gym: floor manager that makes sure the owner is separated* from the rest of the gym Ribosomes
~made of proteins and other macromolecules, where protein synthesis occurs
~In the gym: the people working out and building muscle (proteins) Golgi Apparatus
~where protein molecules undergo chemical changes in order to be sorted and "packaged" within the Golgi Apparatus
~In the gym: the locker room, where people change* to get ready Plastids Plastids
~carbohydrate/energy producers of the cell
~In the gym: the vending machines because they give you carbohydrate filled snacks for energy Nucleus
~manages activities and initiates production
~In the gym: the owner of the gym who controls* everything that goes on Nucleolus
~located within the nucleus, site of ribosome synthesis
~In the gym: The CEO of the gym franchise, in charge of the owner (See nucleus) Rough ER
~network of membranes where ribosomes attach, ribosomes synthesize proteins for release from the cell or for use by other cells
~In the gym: the body builder everyone clings* to that constantly builds muscle (protein), his/her sweat represents the release of proteins Lysosomes
~contain enzymes that break down large molecules from worn or damaged cell structures and makes them available for reuse
~In the gym: sweat rags wipe down the machines for reuse* Mitochondria
~contain enzymes that release the energy stored in food
~In the gym: energy drinks because they give you energy Bibliography for Pictures
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*important words
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