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Moorside Primary School

No description

J Hughes

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Moorside Primary School

Moorside Primary School
Induction for new teachers

The Past
2006 & 2009 - Good
2011 - Satisfactory
The latter led to lots of LA involvement and Health Checks.
What next?
Rapidly changing and expanding.
Full in EYFS
By January, 3 classes per year up to Year 3 and 2 classes Year 4 upwards.
Likely to be 3-form entry next academic year.
Managing change
The Future...
Staff changes
14 new teachers have now been appointed in 2013
The senior management team
(HT, DHT, 3xAHT)
are new this year
10 new TAs this year
More new staff than old staff
Staff Structure
Steve Lawler-Smith
Jason Hughes
Carolyn Clay
(KS2, Literacy)
Judith Roberts
(KS1, Numeracy)
Debbie Fletcher
'Go to..' Staff
Behaviour Policy
Consistency is the key
Traffic Light System
Recording incidents
Celebration Assembly
Class Rewards
Marking Policy
Relate marking to LI or Steps for Success.
Use prompts to extend learning.
Children should respond to marking.
Green Pen Time (2 for writing, 2 for maths each week). Make time for it!
Make sure all children have a detailed comment on a regular basis.
Use of green and pink highlighters.
Display Policy
A mixture of working walls, stimulus displays, behaviour displays and showcases.
Policies related to Performance Management
What should be in my Performance Management file?
Job description
School Development Plan
Assessment data for class
Appraisal Policy
Pay policies (school and LA)
School Teachers' Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD)
Teachers' Standards
Monitoring and Evaluation Policy
Lesson observations
Weekly and medium-term planning should be kept in a file.
Annotations should be seen.
Learning walks.
Book scrutinies.
Analysis of assessment data
Weekly Plans
Medium-Term Plans
Classroom Monitor
Assessment & Planning
Learning Intentions
This is what a pupil will learn (be careful about confusing with what they will do).
Also avoid confusing the LI with the context.
3 main types of LI are skills (to be able to...); concepts (to understand...); knowledge (to know...)
Should be shared with the pupils at the start of a lesson.
Appropriate child-friendly language.
Steps for Success
The steps which pupils need to take to meet the LI
These help you to form a multi-part lesson (The 3-part lesson is dead!)
LI To be able to write a set of instructions.
S4S Sequence in chronological order; Use imperative verbs; Use adverbs; Use ordering connectives.
Levelled assessment every half term.
APP (Classroom Monitor Markbook)
Guided Reading
You will be given a login.
It's best to have a go and then come back to me and answer questions.
Now use your data to plan.....
Teach the pupil
not the scheme
Teacher or TA walks children out to playground.
Teacher or TA promptly collects children from their line at the end of break.
KS1 (12pm - 1pm)
See JR for rota

KS2 (12.30pm - 1.30pm)
12.30pm: Year 3
12.45pm: Year 4
1.00pm: Year 5 & 6
End of the Day
KS1: Children are collected from either classroom door or breakout area (the same place they were dropped off at).

KS2: Teacher walks children to playground where they are collected by parents or nominated adult.
Daily Procedures
Key Stage 1
From 8.45am:
Children and parents gather.
Year 1 in Story Chair Playground.
Year 2 in Activity Playground
Key Stage 2
From 8.45am:
Children can enter the building via the KS2 entrance and walk straight to the classroom to commence a morning task. Teacher will be there to supervise. Doors close at 8.55am.
Teachers collect children at classroom doors or breakout areas.

Key points:
Title (word processed or stencilled)
Explain the process (what the children did)
key vocabulary
Double-back children's work
But most of all...
It should be
Don't be afraid to magpie ideas!
(Handout of all staff)
Christine Clarke - Inclusion, SENCO and designated person for Safeguarding.

Janet Allen - ICT Technician

Bev Walker - School Business Manager. Also link to Hochtieff.

Julie Smith & Chantal Boothman - admin staff
Whole-school Big Writing every other Friday.
Levelled using Assessment Angel.
Enter on Classroom Monitor.
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