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A Brief History of Ballet

No description

Erika Record

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of A Brief History of Ballet

Ballet Beginnings
Court Ballets
17th century - Establishing Ballet
1600s - perfomers now trained vigorously as athletes
1661 -
Pierre Beauchamps
establishes the
5 ballet positions
Romantic Ballet (1830-1870)
Catherine de Medici
*Responsible for bringing court ballets to France
1533 - married Henry II of France
1559 - brought Italian dance masters
began the reign of
court ballets
1581 -

Comique de la Reine
1st court ballet
existed for the ruling class
performed for nobility
elaborate costumes
simple floor patterns
emphasize grace and elegance (not strength and agility)
lasted several hours
"feast for the eyes", "dazzling spectacles"
commonly referred to as "
the Sun King
" (Apollo)
loved to dance and perform
commissioned many ballets in which he performed in
1661 - he established the
Royal Academy of Dance

(aka: Paris Opera)
*world's 1st ballet school
King Louis XIV
Pre-Romantic Period - early 1800s
beginning of
pointe work
Marie Taglioni
(Italy) -
1st woman to dance on pointe
danced in
La Sylphide
, the first Romantic ballet
up until now, men were the primary ballet dancers
pointe work reached new levels
marked a shift in gender roles as
stole the spotlight

Characteristics of Romantic Ballet:
soft line of the body and arms
long, bell-shaped tutu
yearning for the unattainable
mythical creatures
love of nature, emotion, power, tranquility

Notable Romantic Ballets:
La Sylphide

Classical Ballet
Upcoming Things...
Listen to NPR podcasts on Canvas by 9/27 - take notes on unit worksheet
Ballet Unit Worksheet due Saturday, Oct. 1st
Classical & Contemporary Ballet
Contemporary Ballet
Sleeping Beauty
Swan Lake
draw what each of these positions would look like from a bird's-eye-view on your worksheet
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