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Site Survey Focus Group

Taj Boston 10.2013

Adam Larrabee

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Site Survey Focus Group

Site Survey Process
BPI Focus Group 10/10/2013 -Taj Boston

You say you want to partner with me, but you don't know my name or address?

Your friends know me. Ask them if I have internet.

Study Questionnaire Guessing Games
More Frustrations
Asking questions we couldn't possibly answer...
Survey Monkeys
It can take between 1 and 4 hours to complete a survey

Rochester Clinical Research, Inc
20 years as a dedicated research site
600+ Clinical trials conducted
27 employees at our single site location
35 to 50 new trials annually
50 to 100 surveys annually. Usually 1-3 per week
Feasibility invite received from CRO

The Sponsor has identified you as a potential site for this study...

Because we did their previous study
Step 2:
Click the link to the survey
Download the questionnaire so we can print it
Step 3:
Download synopsis if available for PI to review
highlight or mark pertinent questions for PI to answer
search database, pull previous study metrics, review charts.
What's in a name?
PreStudy Questionnaire Feasibility
Site Feasibility
Site feedback form
Initial Study Information Sheet
Letter of Interest
PIIR – Potential Investigator Information Request
SSQ – Study Specific Questionnaire
Protocol Feasibility Survey
Investigator Information Sheet
Site Information Sheet
Site Interest Survey
PIQ – Potential Investigator Questionnaire

review answers with PI and Site Director
Request one or both in electronic format from sender to review with PI
complete questionnaire online
3x/week = 156x/year
Step 1: Log receipt of Survey into CTMS
How do they come?
M Y favorite equipment question
How many patients do you have in your database?
How many diabetics?
How many diabetics with hypertension?
How many diabetics with hypertension that smoke?
Why not just ask the question: How many diabetics with hypertension that smoke do you have?

I promise I'll tell you
Nice big comment section
The Big "O"
Not enough info
Its a test! but which answer is the right one?

I wish I could ask someone... someone that knows something
Not being able to advance survey pages - who reviews this things before sending them out????
thankful for google chrome!

Impersonal - I feel like a monkey filling these things out

requires input from multiple staff members.
Shhhh.... sometimes it takes input from other sites!
"what'd you put for question #45?"
????? right
help me help you
If I don't want to do your study I won't fill out the survey
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