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Dangan Ronpa: The Animation

No description

Hayley Sanders

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Dangan Ronpa: The Animation

Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and Students of Despair
First Death/Execution:
Million Fungoes
Makoto meets all his other classmates and they all begin to ponder about who is going to kill whom. They try to make an agreement that no one will be murdered, but that agreement falls short when Makoto's childhood friend, Sayaka Maizono, is stabbed by one of their comrades, making her the first murder victim. After Sayaka is killed and Monokuma announces, "A body has been found," Junko Enoshima goes into a fit of rage against Monokuma and she ends up getting pierced by spears for attacking Monokuma, killing her.

A class trial is held, and the students initially believe that Makoto was the one who killed Sayaka. Eventually, with the evidence they collected, Leon Kuwata was found to be the culprit, and is executed by being pelted by baseballs from head to toe until he is dead, due to his title being Super High School Level Baseball Player.
After Makoto is emotionally scarred about the death of his dear friend and the execution that took place after the delusional class trial, more areas are opened up around the school which gives the students more opportunities to explore. They are given access to the library, the swimming pool, and gender-divided changing rooms. Touko Fukawa is revealed to be infatuated with Byakuya Togami, before Mondo Oowada and Kiyotaka Ishimaru become best friends after a small quarrel with each other. Monokuma announces the next day that if a murder does not happen in the next 24 hours, he will publicly announce each students' most embarrassing secrets and will be revealed to the entire world. Makoto believes that a murder shouldn't happen over something so trivial, but he is wrong when a body is found the next day.

Programmer Chihiro Fujisaki is found dead in the girl's changing room, making her the second murder victim. The students work together to find evidence before the class trial and the cause of Chihiro's death was that her head was smashed in by a dumbbell. The class trial soon takes place afterwards. With the additional evidence Kyouko finds- Chihiro is revealed to be male- and the confessions from Touko's alternate personality, Genocider Syo (Super High School Level Serial Killer), the culprit is found to be Mondo Oowada. Mondo is excecuted by getting put in a "motorcycle death cage." Due to the speed of the motorcycle plus the electric shock, Mondo ends up turning into butter.
Third and Fourth Deaths/Execution- Versailles Style Witch Hunt Stake
Fifth Death/Execution- A Dozer Master
Makoto overhears that Sakura Oogami had been forced to become Monokuma's "partner in crime" as he tells her that her dear family has been taken hostage. Makoto's attitude soon becomes suspicious and Kyouko becomes annoyed with him, stating, "You shouldn't be hiding things from me." The fourth floor opens for access, and it contains a portion of locked rooms that are forbidden to be broken into. Everyone soon talks to Alter Ego, who says that the school was shut down due to an incident that occurred in the past. Alter Ego theorizes that the school's true principal, not Monokuma, was pulling the strings. Later, Monokuma reveals that Sakura was his puppet, and everyone is shocked from the news given. Touko, now in her Genocider Syo persona, gets into an argument with Aoi and she ends up attacking Aoi, but she wasn't hurt severely. Sakura becomes angered that everyone became so fussed over this incident and leaves to deal with things herself. Makoto and Kyouko go back to discuss things with Alter Ego, and Alter Ego requests an internet connection so he can crack some files and he can find a way to help the students escape. Despite the risks, Kyouko and Makoto set him up in a hidden room with no cameras. Later, Aoi, Makoto, and Kyouko find Sakura locked up in the recreation room. Makoto breaks inside, only to find out that Sakura is dead.

Aoi is devastated, because Sakura was her best friend throughout this entire situation. She shows her anger towards Byakuya, Touko, and Yasuhiro, feeling that one of them killed Sakura. After the students investigate, the same old class trial is held. Sakura was hit in the head twice by Yasuhiro and Genocider Syo, but the hits were not fatal. Aoi announces to everyone that she is the culprit, stating that she replaced the protein shake Sakura requested with poison. However, Makoto and Kyouko made a long analysis about the whole "closed room" scenario, revealing that Sakura had actually committed suicide. Aoi also confesses that she purposely tried to steer the trial to a false verdict. According to Monokuma, there still HAD to be an execution, and in this case he had a "special guest," which was Alter Ego. Alter Ego is smashed to pieces by a dozer drill.

The Final Class Trial/ Despair Incident
The story takes place at Hope's Peak Academy, a private school where the best of the best students are accepted. Makoto Naegi, the protagonist, is admitted to Hope's Peak Academy by a random selection. When he is still pondering about how he got into this school, he loses consciousness and wakes up in an odd, alternate version of the academy.

Soon, it is revealed that Makoto and fourteen other new students have been taken prisoner by a villainous, sadistic teddy bear named Monokuma who prohibits them from leaving the academy. The entire school is locked down to the point where escaping is impossible. However, the only possible way to escape the academy is to murder a fellow classmate... without getting caught.

After a murder is committed, a class trial is held by Monokuma where the students try to guess the culprit. If the students make the correct choice, then the murderer will be executed. If the students make the WRONG choice ,then everyone pays the price... except for the real culprit.
Makoto Naegi- Super High School Level Luck
Kyouko Kirigiri- Super High School Level ???
Byakuya Togami- Super High School Level Heir
Touko Fukawa- Super High School Level Writer
Aoi Asahina- Super High School Level Swimmer
Yasuhiro Kagakure- Super High School Level Fortune Teller
Chihiro Fujisaki- Super High School Level Hacker
Celestia Ludenberg- Super High School Level Gambler
Mondo Oowada- Super High School Level Biker
Hifumi Yamada- Super High School Level Manga Artist
Junko Enoshima- Super High School Level Model
Leon Kuwata- Super High School Level Baseball Player
Kiyotaka Ishimaru- Super High School Level Hall Monitor
Sakura Oogami- Super High School Level Fighter
Sayaka Maizono- Super High School Level Idol
The remaining survivors explore the fifth and final floors, which include a botanical garden and a classroom covered in dried blood; the classroom looked like a war zone. Byakuya questions Kyouko about her identity, but she says that she can't remember anything past her childhood because she suffers from amnesia. Byakuya doesn't believe her, so he confiscates the key to Kyouko's dorm room while Makoto is given the responsibility to keep hold of a survival knife Touko found. Kyouko soon finds a master key that can unlock any door in the school and finds information- in the headmaster's office- about Mukuro Ikusaba, the sixteenth student admitted into the academy. She asks Makoto to keep Monokuma distracted while she searches the dorm building's second floor. He successfully keeps Monokuma distracted and Kyouko is never caught. Later, Makoto comes off with a fever of staying up all night and he witnesses a masked figure wielding the survival knife he was responsible for. His vision blurrs and soon he sees Kyouko in front of him, saying something he can't hear. The next morning, Makoto discovers that the knife has gone missing and he heads to the gym while the other students are disassembling a broken Monokuma unit. They go off to the botanical garden, where a corpse is laying. The corpse wears a mask, and before the students can remove the mask, the corpse explodes and leaves the corpse burnt and unidentified when they put the fire out. A fully working Monokuma confronts the students when they gain access to the data processing room, telling them that their actions were being broadcast to the entire world. To make matters worse, Monokuma holds a class trial for the corpse they found, to be that of Mukuro Ikusaba.

After conducting their investigation, the class trial begins. Byakuya begins by accusing Kyouko, who brings up evidence that effectively negates Makoto's alibi. She reveals that the corpse suffered a fake stab wound, claiming that the corpse wasn't of Mukuro Ikusaba. Despite the number of evidence they provide, Monokuma abruptly ends the trial, continuing with the final decision that Makoto was the culprit. He is placed on a conveyor belt leading to a crusher, but he is miraculously saved by a virus Alter Ego left behind, and he falls safely into a garbage dump.
Final Execution- Super Duper Nasty Torture
Makoto manages to use his own hope to inspire the others in the final battle against despair, changing his title to "Super High School Level Hope." The trial ends, with Junko revealing herself as the ultimate despair, and she undergoes the most gruesome, macabre execution. She goes through all of the past executions and is killed in "Detention." She leaves behind an escape switch, and with hope in their hearts, Makoto and the others successfully escape the academy and form the Future Foundation.
Makoto spends a long period of time down in the garbage chute, waiting for any sign of help. He has no food, water, or chance of survival. However, Kyouko finds away down to the garbage chute and provides Makoto with refeshments. She explains to him that her title was really Super High School Level Detective, attending the academy to see her father, who was the headmaster. Kyouko helps Makoto escape from the garbage chute and they confront Monokuma, demanding a proper class trial. The two reunite with the others and prepare for the final investigation, the final class trial, and the final battle between hope and despair. Monokuma unlocks all of the rooms in the school. Kyouko and Makoto go inside the private room of the headmaster, which contains a computer on which Kyouko had obtained information about Super High School Level Despair. They find another secret room, and inside is the remains of the headmaster- Kyouko's father. The two return to the computer lab and put in a card which contains videos of each student agreeing to stay locked in the school for life. Monokuma cuts the power when Junko's video clip comes up, causing suspicion. Later, Makoto goes up to the fifth floor and into the Biology Lab, which is now unlocked. There he finds a passed out Touko, who wakes up as Genocider Syo. They then both observe that there are only nine bodies as opposed to what they believe should be ten in the Lab's morgue storage, one of them being Mukuro Ikusaba. Genocider Syo also notices that Mukuro was stabbed multiple times through her body. As Genocider Syo goes off to find Byakuya, Monokuma leaves each student an image that contain every other student besides them in it. Monokuma describes these as "special hints." Additionally, Junko's face is blocked in every image. Not long after, the final trial begins, and this time Monokuma takes part in it. Each student pulls their clues together- the stab wounds, the lack of a tenth body in the Morgue, Junko's face being hidden in all of the pictures, and the suspicion of Monokuma when he cut off the power when Junko's video came up. Eventually, Makoto realizes that the true mastermind is Junko Enoshima. Junko appears in Monokuma's place in a smoke screen, and she tells everyone that she and Mukuro were twins; instead of Junko being pierced at the beginning, it was really Mukuro disguised as Junko.

The outside world, revealed by Junko, is total chaos. This is proven by Genocider Syo, who retains her memories because she and Touko have separate memories. It is also revealed that the students' memories that were taken away from them were a whole two years' worth of memories spent together at Hope's Peak Academy. A year ago, the school was reverted into a shelter from the outside world to protect the students, who had hope on their shoulders. Junko killed the principal- which was shown in the beginning as he was put in a spaceship and sent into space- and betrayed her sister, starting the killing game. She then holds a final vote between hope an despair. If everyone voted for hope, then they all could leave the academy and Junko would be executed. However, if only one of them voted for despair, no matter what the majority of the vote was, then the students will remain in the academy forever and Makoto alone would be executed.
Made by Hayley Sanders
Aoi Asahina discovers that Chihiro left an artificial intelligence program called Alter Ego, who assists the remaining surviors in their goal to escape the academy. In addition to this discovery, more rooms are given access to- the game room, art room, supply room, and science lab. Monokuma also reveals a new motive- 10 billion yen to the person who kills and gets away with it. After this announcement is made, the students gather in the public baths to make contact with Alter Ego, the AI program built on a laptop that Chihiro fixed. Alter Ego is left in the public baths where no cameras are placed, but the next morning Alter Ego is missing. Hifumi Yamada and Kiyotaka blame each other for Alter Ego's disappearance.

The next morning, Kiyotaka and Hifumi's bodies are found dead and Celestia Ludenberg is found attacked by someone. However, the situation becomes more confusing when the pair's bodies disappear and are found again in an art cupboard. It appears Hifumi is on the edge of death, and mutters something about Yasuhiro Hagakure before passing away in Aoi's arms. After both students are officially dead, the students search for evidence and of course, a class trial is held. Initially, Yasuhiro was blamed for the murder because of the information Hifumi spouted before he died; later Kyouko is blamed for the deaths because she wasn't present during the search for clues, but she turns the blame on Byakuya and eventually the culprit is found to be Celes. Celes' real name is also shown to be Yasuhiro Taeko. Celes is executed by being burnt at a stake, the kind of romanticized, gothic style death she wanted. Well, she was MEANT to be burnt at a stake, but is ran over by a fire truck before she is burnt, ending her execution in an ironic fashion.
Second Death/Execution- Motorcycle Death Cage
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