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My Life In pink And Green

No description

Nora Talley

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of My Life In pink And Green

My Life In Pink and Green By: Lisa Greenwald Lexile: 680 No AR Quiz Setting: Characters: 1. 2. Plot: Theme: The book takes at a small town in Connecticut. There are many places like Old Mill Pharmachy, the movie theater, Lucy's house, Sunney's house, and their school. Lucy Desberg:
a very nice determined 12 year old girl.
She is a natural problem slovler. Sunny:
is Lucy's best friend.
She is an Indian and has a brother named Yami.
She has brown cirly hair and has green eyes. Lucy's family owns Old Mill Pharmachy. She arrived one day got the mail and then opened it. There was a letter that said they were in danger of foreclosure. Lucy wants to help out. She creates a relaxation room. It brings in a little bit of money but not enough. She finds a grant online that her mayor is promoting for a business going green. Lucy and Claudia fill it in and then send it off. Lucy also starts a makeup business. Lots of older girls come in and get their makeup done. Lucy hopes they will win the grant so the pharmachy will be saved. The author is trying to tell you that any one can change the world. 3.Jane Scarlett Desberg:
is Lucy's mom. She is a huge reader and believes one person can change the world. She has blonde hair. 4. Cladudia:
is Lucy's sister.
She is at Northwestern collage.
Her and her sister are a lot alike. Thank You for Watching
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