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Smoking, Tobacco and Teens- Why Should We Be Concerned?

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Salma Malik

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Smoking, Tobacco and Teens- Why Should We Be Concerned?

By Salma Malik TOBACCO, SMOKING AND TEENS- WHY SHOULD WE BE CONCERNED? Teens are the most effortless targets for tobacco companies. They are influenced by TV, movies, advertising and what their friends do or say. This is why I have created a health promotion campaign targeting teens. This campaign aims to help and give tips to teenagers to stop smoking and to not start smoking. It also conveys all the effects tobacco has if it is illegal or legal. "I can quit anytime I want. I wont get addicted". Smoking causes:
Heart Diseases
Lung Diseases
Cardiovascular problems
Affects physical appearance
Social Issues
Psychological Problems
Reduces blood supply to your skin
Emphysema Why did I create this Campaign?
Although many teenagers are aware of the risks smoking has on them it seems like its not a big problem.Right?
This campaign's main aim is to help teenagers notice the harmful effects smoking has on them. This campaign allows present teen smokers and teens looking into smoking to STOP&THINK. They say we should always target the first steps of a problem. Well did u know 90% of smokers started when they were teens? And that each day 6000 children under the age of 18 smoke their first cigarettes?
Teenagers are influenced more by their peers then by adults. This is why attempts to educate teens about smoking hazards by teachers or parents often fails. This is why I have created this Campaign, one that teenagers can see from another teenagers view. "As long as I stop before I am twenty or thirty smoking wont affect my health" "I'll just try it this one time. No harms done." These are just a few of misconceptions and attitudes of young people about smoking. Rationale Why I believe my Campaign will be effective?
Because 90% of smokers started when they were teens it makes sense to target the inception of the problem. I believe it will be effective because it explores smoking and provides knowledge about smoking to present smokers and to everyone. It also provides useful tips and videos on others who have succeeded in quitting smoking. It also uses language teens can be familiar with and ideas and examples also familiar in teens.
It also links back to the laws about tobacco and positives and negatives about tobacco and I hope to target and answer all questions about tobacco and the law. Why is Tobacco still Legal..? You may be wondering why tobacco is still legal after all the harms it does to individuals and the community around them.
Has anyone considered the consequences if they were illegal?
- More criminals
-Black Markets
-Know we do not know who is
consuming and how much they are consuming
-More health risks
-Jails will overflow
-Easier to get a criminal record;that can ruin your life..

It harms unborn babies
It affects your health
It affects relationships Tobacco Should Be Illegal Cigarette smoke contains about 4000 chemicals.
800 cause cancer. Among them the substance that causes
the addiction. NICOTINE. Why??
It not only harms the person smoking but it also harms others around them. Tobacco is responsible for over 5 million deaths worldwide Highly Addictive.
Immediate respond leaving smokers wanting more. Benefits of making tobacco illegal Any teenager could
be the next victim. It would be a crime, people will view
it as not worth getting on trouble by the
police for. Leading to fewer people smoking. Reduced chances of infertility and miscarriages
A lot of money will be saved
Sense of taste and smell will be enhanced
Social relationships will improve
Just because of a plant.
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