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The walking dead songs analysis

Comparing two songs by the elements of music

Erfan Shekarriz

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of The walking dead songs analysis

The walking dead songs- analysis
Timbre or Instrumental
The use of instruments is not complicated at all as they only use a cello and a guitar but the voice is an instrument itself!!!!! The use of instruments in this song is very clever as the voice of the singer is harsh, seductive and husky that it sets a dark tone of color o the song and that is a positive point because the walking dead is a TV series about zombies so it creates an action, horror, thriller and mystery at the same time . This song has a legato articulation as the notes are not at a high range from one another
Harmony and texture
The texture of the song is very smooth but a bit thick which is very appropriate for a horror movie all though it does not have staccato ( a note far away from others). The tone of the song is dense and dark because the singer has a very seductive voice with a echo and re verb at the same time. this songs dynamics are mostly soft(piano).
Pitch and melody
The pitch of the instruments are mild but the male vocals can go from mild to a high for anverage male singer. There is glissando in the melody as the note changes when the strings come in and it goes up than down which has a fading effect. Not only that but the strings have a crescendo and a decrescendo effect too.
This song ahas a repetition of melody to chord so the melody is simple and not complicated. The melodic contour is flat at first but gets wavy as soon as the Violin is used. The song is fully played on a major key with a lot of melodic ostenatos .
The song other lives has a weak and steady walking pace beat which creates an adventure/mystery suspense . The tempo of the song is mild but it changes at the same time.The song has short range of notes on the acoustic guitar but a high male vocal range . it has a rhythmic ostenato of a 1,2,3,4 .. 1,2,3,4 1...2....3....4,......5
The walking dead
Other lives- Living dead
Theme song- walking dead
Made by Erfan Shekarriz
The End !!!!!!!
Wallah no plagiarism
Please give me high marks
Pitch and melody
Timbre or Instrumental
Harmony and Texture
The theme song for the walking dead has a steady , fast and strong
beat. The tempo is changing as it starts really slow in the beginning where they use the sound effects to create a horror and mystery suspense but it gets faster as they use the strings and then the tempo is propelled by the drums. The music has short held notes with even patterns in the rhythm it also has a lot of rhythmic ostenatos . at first the notes are building up from the melody to the chord
The song has a mild pitch in the strings but a quite high pitch on the piano it has a lot of musical sequences as the same thing plays over and over again but first with a lower key and than when the drums join in it goes back to normal again. It does not have ascending or descending patterns in it and the melodic contour is jagged because of the sequence , you can also call the sequence a melodic ostenato . What makes the song so special is that there is both crescendo and getting faster
and there are lots of akward up and downs too
This song has a complicated use of instruments. In the beginning it has a slow use of the piano than the string comes in to make a thriller effect than there are the drums which the tempo is propelled by them after that the piano goes and there are two strings playing at the same time than it changes back to the chord again. Maybe not that complicated for David Rodriguez!!!!! ( The composer of the song )
The texture of the song is thin in the beginig because of the use of the high notes on the piano but have a warm and bright color tone but it changes into a dark and misty when the strings join in . The melody is homo phonic in the beginning but changes into a polyphonic with the strings( where two melodies are being played at the same time) the harmony has a lot of ostinatos using the lower key of the same chord ( sequence ) and the dynamics are loud ( forte )
The elements combine to give a : Gentle , Smooth , Seductive
Mystery and Adventure mood.
The elements combine to give a:
Thriller, Horror , Sad,
Intense and Mystery mood

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