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Challenges and Accomplishments of Queen Hatshepsut and Ramse

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Alexander Diaz

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Challenges and Accomplishments of Queen Hatshepsut and Ramse

Challenges and Accomplishments of Queen Hatshepsut and Ramses the Great
Queen Hatshepsut
Hatshepsut was the first women to rule as pharaoh and not as queen
Hatshepsut dressed like a man and called herself king because many people thought a women should rule.
Ramses the great
Ramses the great was trained to be a ruler and a fighter.
Ramses Became an army captain at the young age of 10 and began military campaigns even before he became pharaoh.
Middle Kingdom
Queen Hatshepsut ruled during the Middle and early New Kingdom
The Middle Kingdom last from 2200 bc to 1750 bc
The New Kingdom
Ramses The Great ruled during the New Kingdom and was consider the greatest egyptian pharaoh
The new kingdom reached the height of its power and glory witch last 1550bc to 1050bc
The Pyramids
Pyramids were not built by slaves but by artisans and were made by hand and carving tools.
Each block weight was around 2.5 tons.
Each pyramids was robbed by tomb robbers
mummies and life after death
In Egypt they believed in after life
They thought that after death the soul of the dead will live just as whe they were alive
fasts facts
Mummies brain were removed from there nose
An average person live for 40 years
pharaohs were believed to be gods
Egyptian Society Had a way of listing people like Royalty,Nobles and officers of state, Professionals, Artisans, Peasants and laborers
This Put people in classes defining there rank

Egyptian Society
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