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The Discovery of Fire

Vocabulary introduction and explanation

Michelle Mor

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of The Discovery of Fire

The Discovery of Fire
One day lightning struck some dry grass which set a fire.
Today we know that the first people rubbed wood together to make fire.
The very first fire was found in Israel.
Burned seeds and wood were found in a camp site that was made 790,000 years ago.
The first people cooked on outside wood fires.
In 6000 BC people started to live in houses and they started putting fire into ovens.
In 1500 BC people learned that metal could be melted by fire and so the first knives, spears and swords were made.
Today we use matches and lighters to start fires. life is much easier now.
Fire is made when oxygen, fuel and heat meet.
Fires can be very big and very dangerous.
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