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Jacques Lacan: New Theory in Psychoanalysis

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Vincent Onwe

on 21 January 2016

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Transcript of Jacques Lacan: New Theory in Psychoanalysis

Jacques Lacan: New Theory in Psychoanalysis
By Vincent Onwe
Mirror stage
subject accepts "castration" but holds resentment for it.

Early Years
Jacques Lacan born in 13 April 1901, in Paris, France. Raised in a catholic household, he attended a Jesuit school in which he earned his baccalauréat, or a high school diploma as called in America.
The Meaning of Psychoanalysis

An interpretation of the concious and unconcious mind. It is often used to bring forth hidden fears to the concious mind, in an attempt to cure mental illness.
Freud and Lacan
Opening Questions
While Lacan considered himself a "freudinian", he differed from Freud in his opinion on the root of conflict and mental illness. Freud stated mental illness results from conflict between the conscious and combination of "superego" & "id",
The stage in which an infant sees him/her self in the mirror is called the "mirror stage". Lacan feels this stage establishes the realization of "self" in a child and promotes self-reliance. But, the child cannot see himself without the mirror, thus contradicting this self-reliance and rendering it a fantasy.
Implications of Mirror Stage and Castration Theory
Ender's Game
: Ender was used to kill the "bugger" race. It was presented in the form of games, leading him to believe he was growing as a soldier.
Native Son
: yearning for something more than a mundane life of inferiority to whites, Bigger yearns for superiority. This is possibly a contributor to his murder of a white woman.
1. Does anyone believe there is some other purpose to life?
2. After doing something wrong, have you felt regret for it?
3. Is there anyone who is a hard worker?
Closing Questions
1. Those who claim to be hard-workers, ask yourselves; do you work for your benefit, or the benefit of society?
2. Do you make important decisions on your own?
3. Does anyone find themselves asking how they benefit from a situation?
4. Speculate: would it be selfish to act in a manner opposite of the desires of society? Is it selfish to want control of your own life?
subject partially accepts "castration" but readily gives in to temptation to ease it.
Psychotic- subject totally rejects "castration" under the impression that there is something beyond it.
Mirror Stage
Castration (Psychotic)
Lacan's Castration Theory
Lacan states a conflict between oneself and life. This is represented in the form of "castration"; humans are the castrated animals climbing an "inverted ladder". This ladder represents life, and the individual response to the hardships, or "castration" affects their mental health.

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