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My Project

Christopher Bowers

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Bangladesh

Few industries
Poor government
(don't know how to
govern a country)
Extreme poverty rate is 42%. They live on very little money with not enough calories
Little tourism
The Government and NGO's
Government Problems
Among Bangladesh’s most significant obstacles to growth is
poor governance
According to World Bank
The government does not provide health care and has not had much experience
Unfortunately we can't change the
government, but we can help
Bangladesh in other ways
Main Crop: Rice
Rainy from mid June to early September or October (Monsoon Season)
Dry and dusty the rest
of the year
Rice can only be grown
by irrigation. (tube wells and electrical pumps)
Floods occur every year
Very humid
In 1600, the British East
India Company formed
and unified India
In 1947, India finally became independent from Britain
Also in 1947, India was divided into two parts: Pakistan and India
In 1971, Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan
A good deal of Bangladesh's development is because of non governmental organizations (NGO)
NGO's have helped develop Bangladesh financially
and recently, the countries development rate has
been increasing rapidly because of NGO's
NGO Financial Project
1. An NGO identifies the poorest people in a certain village.
8. This will continue for as long as they need the group.
7. When they finish that goal, they will come up with another need and how to achieve that goal
6. The NGO will visit them frequently to encourage them.
5. A small amount of money is loaned to them to get them started if the NGO thinks it is a good use of money.
4. He/she will ask them what their biggest need is and how they will achieve this goal
3. The NGO will then gather these villagers together and start a group of about 10 to 20 people
2. He/she will find out what their life is like.
The NGO's have also interviewed a group who are poor so that they could compare the two groups. The results have been dramatic. The life style of the group using the project has become much better.This project has only been going on for a couple years.
Thanks For watching!
By Peter Christopher Bowers
Pictures from google.com and me
Information from my grandparents and wikipedia.com
Steps to starting
an NGO
Plan in Action
I would first find a
poor village in Nilphamari
to start my group.
I would then give my group $25
to start working on buying the bathroom.
When the group has enough money
to buy the bathroom, they would buy
it and the man who got the bathroom
would have to eventually pay back the
money over time.
All the group members would save up for a bathroom and I would visit them periodically to encourage them.
One man would probably
want a bathroom (most people
in rural areas don't own one).
Then I would choose
the people interested in starting a group and let them join.
The project would continue with different
goals for the different members
In Bangladesh, there is a city called Nilphamari. It is quite poor in some areas.
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