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Hero's Journey - Shrek

No description

chong michelle

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey - Shrek

Shrek lives in a swamp on his own
2. Call to Adventure
All the creatures from Far Far Away come to Shrek's swamp because Lord Farquaad has driven them out.
To bring back his
ordinary life
, Shrek begins his journey to find Lord Fraud and to speak with him.
3. Refusal of the Call
He enjoys his life of being and Ogre.
4. Meeting the Mentor
5. Crossing the First Threshold
8. Ordeal
9. Reward
10. The road back
11. Resurrection
12. Return with Elixir
1. Ordinary World
He is grimy and earthy and also scary .
"Beware of Ogre"
Lord Farquaad
7. Approach to the innermost cave
Shrek and Fiona are now in love and get married. They end up happily in love living in the swamp.
Shrek is accompanied by Donkey, donkey tries to convince Shrek not to go on the quest because it’s dangerous but Shrek does not care as he wants his swamp back. They continue their journey.
Shrek meets Lord Farquaad and they do not get along. Lord Farquaad insults Shrek and says whoever can slay the ogre will be the champion. Shrek wins the fight and he is now champion that will kill the dragon and save Princess Fiona

Shrek comes in time before Fiona and Lord Farquad get married.The dragon eats Lord Farquad. Fiona is in love with Shrek also. Shrek faces a near death experience again. Step 7 reappears as Shrek is rewarded with winning over Princess Fiona love. 

Shrek gets help from everyone he has met on his adventure for example the Dragon and Donkey to get Fiona back

He returns back to his swamp and realises he does not want to be alone anymore. Shrek has fallen in love with Fiona and begins his quest to get her back before it’s too late and gets married to Lord Fraud.  

Donkey who is Shrek’s friend now, tries to make him change his mind about going to find ‘Lord Farquad. He doesn’t listen to Donkey. Shrek is not afraid of Lord Farquad.
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