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Street Children

No description

Ahmed Hossam

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of Street Children

Street Children These pictures were the first thing that came to your mind when you read "Street Children" But, have you tried to divide up the word They are children So, what has lead these children to live in the streets 1. Spread of ashwai’yat Ashwai'yat provide places for these children to escape and work. 2. Financial Reasons the very high level of illiteracy in Egypt for too many parents encourages street children to leave schools at a very early age. 3. Level of education of both parents 4.Inheritance of trade parent’s professions affect their children's background regarding employment. 5.Size of family and family density Poor people tend to give birth to too many kids- most of them end up working very early on to provide money for basic needs. 6.Break-up of family structure a death or a breakup situation in a family leaves children behind to look for themselves. 7.Stressed family relationships Risks affecting the existence of children on the streets.
1.Failing and not getting educated
2.Inheritance of poverty and the low class
3.Getting infected by different diseases.
4.Sexual harassment
5.Food poisoning What do they do for living • Begging.
• Washing cars or shop windows.
• Selling paper tissues and other items on the streets.
• Working temporarily in shops, workshops, or small factories informally.
• Collecting plastic from wastes to sell to recycling factories.
• Fishing (whether from the Nile River or the sea) and selling the catch.
• Shining shoes.
• Carrying luggage and heavy things in the markets for people for money.
• Selling newspapers.
• Prostitution.
What do you think the previous pictures were? They were art works done by street children from recycled materials Believe it or not There are even MORE Yes, they do have talents.
They act, sing, make jokes. But, Who is there to discover these talents or at least motivate them These children are not to be blamed for the life they found themselves in. They're victims of circumstance and it is our DUTY to help them. After all, these children are our future... Regardless, they are normal people with very simple dreams. They also have the power and will to play and become stars.
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