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Xuanzang- Powerpoint Project on Prezi

No description

Eshan Aravind

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Xuanzang- Powerpoint Project on Prezi

Yo mama Xuanzang A great influence for the
silk road He became a Buddist monk at age 13 Xuanzang was a buddhist monk who made a long pilgrimage to India Xuanzang was a famous Buddhist monk,scholar,transalator,travelor etc. He described the interaction between China and India WHO WAS XUANZANG? Xuanzang was born in the village of Henan in 602 , and died on February 5 , 664 He spread Chinese Culture to the West and brought Indian Culture to China Xuanzang was a highly intelligent person with many talents XUANZANG TRAVELLING TO INDIA Emperor Taizhong forbade Xuanzang from going to India, but he secretly went out to India traveling in the night, hiding in the day He took one year traveling to India, and took 2 years to get back to China He stayed in India for 13-14 years The reason he wanted to go to India was because Buddhism was originated there and Xuanzang wanted to see the place where his religon was born Xuanzang traveled 10000 miles over 3 of Asia's highest mountain ranges Xuanzang had even escaped capture from the government! INTERESTING FACTS After Xuanzang reached the Jade Gate[ Entrance to go out of China] he got a horse and a guide, but in the middle of the journey the guide tried to murder Xuanzang! Soon after the guide tried to murder him, Xuanzang dropped his water bag, but he soon came to a to a small village where they gave him water Xuanzang's real name was Chen Yi He recorded events of the reign of the northern Indian Emperor, Harsha Xuanzang at first was scared to travel, but he had a dream where he would travel to the west and get more knowledge of the world After he came back to China again in 645, he concentrated on transalating various Buddhist scripts for the next 19 years of his life What did Xuanzang leave behind when he died? Stories of Xuanzang of dramatic escapes was what Chinese people loved A story cycle had devoleped by the 10th century and then came the famous Journey to the West! Xuanzang was painted in many temples and was considered a saint He was even used in puppet shows He was the inspration for Journey to the West He was considered a Chinese Hero Xuanzang Timeline Born - 602 Job - Monk at 13, 615 Begun traveling - 629 Reached India - 630 Left India - 643 Arrived in China after the travel - 645 Died - Feb 5, 664 Xuanzang Pictures THANKS FOR WATCHING! BY: ESHAN
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