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9.05 Nationalités Photo Essay

No description

Claire Rowe

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of 9.05 Nationalités Photo Essay

Trip to France By Claire Rowe Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 5 Day 6 Day 4 Costs 6am Fly from Tampa to New York
9am Fly from New York to Paris
6pm arrive in Paris, France
7pm Check into Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg
8pm Eat room service and go to bed 7am get ready for the day
8am eat at local bakery
8:30 walk to Galerie Nationale du jeude paume
10am visit Tuileries Garden
12pm ride subway to Palais Royal and eat at La Comédie
2pm visit Musée du Louvre
4pm ride subway palais royal to subway Cité and visit Notre Dame Cathedral
6pm ride subway from Cité to subway madeleine
7pm eat at hotel restrant 8am rent a car and drive from Paris to Camembert
12pm check into hotel & eat lunch there
(from 12pm to 6pm hang at hotel)
6pm eat diner at hotel 7am eat breakfast and get ready for day
8am drive to the Camembert house and Museum
3pm drive back to hotel and visit spa 8am wake up and eat breakfast
9am drive to Fromagerie Durand
12:30pm drive to manor Beaumoned
3pm drive back to hotel and chill at the pool 8am pack up
12pm drive to Carpiquet Airport
1:45pm arrive and check in
3pm plane leaves to New York
6pm plane arrives in new york
8pm plane leaves to chicago
10:30pm plane arrives in chicago
11:45pm plane leaves to tampa
3am plane arrives in tampa airfare = $1800
car = $880
subway = $15

total = $2795
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