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Similarities and differences between the sun,earth and moon

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janessa fields

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Similarities and differences between the sun,earth and moon

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Differences and similarities between the sun, moon and earth The similarities between the sun and moon The sun and moon are the two objects that influence earth the most. Even though the sun and moon are different sizes they look the same size from our perspective this is why we have solar eclipses, where the moon passes in front of the sun barely. The sun and moon both have a gravitational pull to move earth. The sun and moon work together so we have light here on earth, the sun is able to fuse hydrogen into helium at it's core generating light and heat this shines in the solar system and bounces off the moon so we can see it in the sky. The similarities between the earth and sun The sun and earth are both hotter at its core then its surface. The earth revolves around the sun, sunlight hits different parts of the earth, causing yearly changes in climate, this is called seasons. The similarities between the earth and moon The moon and earth work together, this is why we have life on our planet. The moon has helped mankind to strive for the stars, it has provided shelter against threats from space like meteors, asteroids and comets. Without it, life would be very different on Earth. The moon protects us from these things and this is why we are here today. The difference between the sun and moon The differences between the earth and moon The moon is a source of wonder. The moon is mostly visible during night time. The moon changes shape depending on the time of the month. There are many legends and fear connected with the moon. One of these legends are when it's a full moon they say werewolves roam freely and witches are able to perform magic. In reality, all the moon does when it's a full moon is affect the tides because of it's gravitational pull on the earth. There isn't oxygen or water on the surface of the moon. The moon is incapable of supporting life. One of the major differences between earth and the moon is that earth is a planet and while the moon is merely a satellite orbiting earth. The differences between the Sun and Earth The Earth is a sphere. The sun may be far away, but close enough that it's rays hit the Earth and moon at slightly different angles. The earth orbits around the sun in an eclipse way. The earth is a planet and the sun is a star. The earth is composed with many minerals. the earth is a solid mass that is compacted with rock. The earth has a natural barrier to protect us. Earth is a place that has life. The sun is like a huge orange ball that is full of gas and if a human even gets close to it they will die instantly. The sun is constantly letting out light, heat, and energy. The earth and sun are very different in size, diameter, volume, and weight. The sun is about 100 times bigger than the earth in diameter. The sun is full of dangerous gases. It has 1,000,000 times more volume than earth and a surface area that's 10,000 more. Sun and Moon form part of our solar system. The sun is a star and gives heat and light out. The sun is the center of the Solar System with 9 planets moving around it. The sun is responsible for life on earth. The moon rotates around the earth and it is a natural satellite of earth. When the moon rotates around the earth it isn't a perfect circle it's wobbly but regular. The moons shape changes. The moon takes about a month to orbit the earth. The moon changes shape every month, this is called the phases of the moon. The shape of the moon seems to change night to night where the shape of the sun doesn't change from day to day. The moon is different from a man made satellite, it doesn't collect information. Websites we visited: http://www.universetoday.com/17109/the-sun-and-the-moon/




http://www.novacelestia.com/space_art_solar_system/earth.html By: Nayely Hernandez and Janessa Fields Thanks for watching :)
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