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Bacterial Growth with music

No description

Arnulfo Rangel

on 2 December 2015

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Transcript of Bacterial Growth with music

In the project bacteria will be seen in a situation of music playing. Bacteria is used to see if they react to a certain kind of music for example rap makes the bacteria move more.
My hypothesis is that the bacteria will react at the bass in a song. Instead of using modifiers to a song it won't grow as the one being tested with the bass.
Research Questions
How can the bass of a song can affect the bacteria?
Why and how can bacteria react to music?
Project Rational
Risk and Safety
Many risk can be taken into consideration when doing this project. Such as getting an illness or and infection in an open wound. Safety precautions is to waer gloves and protect any open wounds.
Bacterial Growth with music
Data Analysis
Bacteria Growth with Music Arnulfo Rangel
Petri dish
Cd player witth Headphones
1) Open petri dish and place bacteria.
2) Place the headpones in side and seal the petri dish
3) Play the music and wait for the song to finish
4) Shine the bacteria with the black light and record results.
In the data collected in this project it will be used to measure how much different kinds of genres will cause the bacteria to grow.
http://www.education.com/science-fair/article/music-bacteria-enjoy-most/ March 2011
http://www.123rf.com/ January 2011
http://digichar.com/ May 2013
http://www.amazon.com/ December
https://music.uoregon.edu/ April15 2014
Rap turned out to cause the bacteria to grow at a large rate for 0.010cm to 0.035cm. The other genres didnt cause anything to the bacteria like it wasn't phased by the eats of the songs. Classic, rock and country didnt make the the bacteria to grow.
The hypothesis was correct from using the bass from popular rap song causing the bacteria to grow much more.
Future Studies
In future studies i might use a speaker of something that causes more volume than earphones.
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