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Classroom Procedures

This presentation gives an overview of the procedures that I utilize in my classroom.

Kevin Clark

on 21 January 2017

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Transcript of Classroom Procedures

Procedures beginning class Enter class quietly, leave your backpack at the door, and begin working on bellwork assignment.

Quality Folders are passed out and Quality Board is documented by the appropriate student workers.

Bring all required materials with you to class. You are not allowed to go to your locker to retrieve any forgotten supplies.

Tardies delay instructional time and are to be avoided if possible.

There is NO talking during the bellwork assignment. during class Participate during Power Teaching lessons.

Raise your hand for permission to speak or ask a question during Power Teaching lessons.

There should be NO moving about the room during Power Teaching lessons.

Take notes and keep up with worksheets and handouts.

Keep your binder organized and clear of clutter. assessment procedures Do NOT make yourself a target. miscellaneous procedures If you are absent, make-up work is placed in your quality folder.

It is your responsibility to arrange a time with the teacher to make up any missed graded assignment.

Early finishers should check the back bookcase for additional work. ending procedures You are dismissed by the teacher, NOT the bell.

Supplies must be returned to their appropriate storage area. Your desk should be clean and free of trash.

Quality Folders are collected and stored by the appropriate student worker.
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