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Don't Shoot the Dog! (Behavior)

Psychology Disorder Project (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSc4VLbE5EQ) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STLgWyXGUMg)

Madyson Gabriel

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Don't Shoot the Dog! (Behavior)

Don't Shoot the Dog!
By Karen Pryor {{Behavior}} The Book... Training
Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, timing, conditioned reinforcers, punishments, stimulus control, shaping. Untraining Eight Methods Training Positive Reinforcer: anything that occurs when an act takes place which increases the probability that the act will occur again.
Negative Reinforcer: anything that occurs when an act takes place which decreases the probability that the act will occur again.
Timing of Reinforcers: Not reinforcing every time so results are always best. Limited holds to decrease timing ((real life-->patience)).
Conditioned Reinforcers: not the actual reward but an action that the trainee realizes as a signal that the reward is coming ((timing)). Aversive signals like "No!"
Punishment: B. F. Skinner defines as "taking away something desirable."
Stimulus Control: a behavior is controlled when: it's offered on cue, not offered in the absence of cue, offered in response to some other cue, and no other behavior occurs in response to that cue.
Shaping: break down the goal into steps and reinforce the each step while moving onto further steps. Eight Methods of Untraining 1. "Shoot the Animal" -- get rid of the problem completely.
2. Punishment--ridiculing someone for bad behavior, escalates, learns nothing.
3. Negative Reinforcements--something unpleasant that can be avoided by changing behavior.
4. Extinction--goes away naturally because of lack of reinforcement of any kind. ((Rat and lever connected to food)).
5. Train an Incompatible Behavior--train the subject to do a behavior that is impossible to do along with undesired behavior.
6. Put the behavior on cue--once the subject associates action with cue, never do cue again -> subject never doing action again.
7. Shape the Absence of the Behavior--reinforce when the subject in NOT doing the undesirable behavior.
8. Change the Motivation--remove the motivation for undesirable behavior. ((Chewing gum -> looking cheap)). Madyson Gabriel
6th Period
2013 How-to book on training and retraining
Anecdotes Published in 1999
184 Pages Training a Rat by Shaping Target Training a Fish The Disorder... Behavior is root of many psychological disorders such as:
-ADD/ADHD (disruptive behavior disorder)
Addictions include superstitious behavior---environment=cue-->urge Alcoholism Getting rid of familiar trigger cues ((Method 1)) such as moving, getting new friends & new job
Self-administer all 8 methods frequently
Why punishment doesn't work: someone else negatively reinforces
While intoxicated/when drinking frequently, behavior changes: relationships, priorities, productivity ((Method 1: get rid of the problem)) ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) Emotional problems
Interpersonal and social problems when in development stage ((children, adolescents)) THE
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