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Pablo Swaggington

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Summary:

The Giver: Chapters 17-19
By: Karissa Edwards, Audrey Armienta, Vanessa Carrillo, Xochitl Silva

Chapters 17-19 Summary:
The community has an unscheduled holiday and Jonas decides to go out and find Asher. He hasn't taken his pills in 4 weeks, so the stirrings have returned. He now feels emotions at a deeper level, and sees colors all the time, both he believes to be caused by the memories. Jonas finds Asher and Fiona with a group of children playing a game where they pretend to shoot each other. As he watches, Jonas recalls the memories he has received and realizes that they are playing a game of war.

Jonas asks the Giver about the failure 10 years ago, and learns that a girl named Rosemary had been selected to be the Receiver. She was the Receiver for 5 weeks before requesting to be released after receiving dreadful memories. The memories she had received returned to the people of the community, and overwhelmed them.

After speaking of Rosemary’s release, Jonas brings up a newchild that his father had released earlier that morning. The Giver requests to be shown a recording of it. They watch as Jonas’s father examines the twins, and takes the smallest one into a separate room. As they watch, Jonas realizes that the newchild had been killed, and that release was nothing like what he had always believed it to be.

1.How did becoming The Receiver change Jonas' way of thinking?
1. Jonas had new feelings brought on from his received memories; these deep feelings and memories and colors was causing further distance between him and his friends. Just like Jonas' friends Fiona and Asher, many people can't understand certain things because they haven't experienced them themselves. If you were depressed about a loved one's death and your friend is trying to comfort you but has never experienced this felling before, all they can do is empathize with you and try to even comprehend your pin. Jonas' is actually the friend that has to empathize with Fiona and Asher because he knows that they can't feel anything like what he has been exposed to.
" 'I think I mentioned to you once,' The giver reminded him, "that when she was gone, the memories came back to the people. If you were to be lost in the river Jonas, your memories would not be lost with you. Memories are forever."- Pg 135-136
" Jonas trudged to the bench beside storehouse and sat down, overwhelmed with feelings of loss. His childhood, his friendships, his carefree sense of security- all of these things seemed to be slipping away. With his new, heightened feelings, he was overwhelmed by sadness at the way the others laughed and shouted, playing at war. But he knew that they could not understand why, without the memories. He felt such love for Asher and Fiona. But they could not feel it back without the memories. And he could not give them those. Jonas knew with certainty that he could change nothing." -Pg
2. Do you think giving the community memories and feelings, that things could be changed?
3. How has the relationship between The Giver and Jonas developed so far?
2. The Giver had told Jonas that Rosemary was a very eager and remarkable girl, that he gave her many lovely memories that caused her to fill the room with radiant laughter; but once he gave her painful memories, like the loss of a child, you could see it burdening her from then on. Children, those fortunate of a good childhood, are usually these innocent, happy balls of energy. But the world will eventually reach them and the harsh reality will leave its mark on them; Like Rosemary, throughout their lives,you can see the innocence and happiness replaced with pain and loss. Rosemary couldn't take the burden, and in reality, some of us can't... but then there's a few like Jonas that somehow take that weight and help carry others'.
3. The release of the smaller twin Newchild can be compared to the killing of a runt in an animal's litter. The community in "The Giver" seem to go by a motto of Survival of The Fittest, they release ant Newchildren that are too bothersome, as well as eventually lull Elderly to be released once they're too old to contribute and are seen as a waste of space and food. In many litters, such as pigs, the runt will be killed and used for a slim meal because the farmer doesn't want to waste money and time on an animal that doesn't seem like it would eventually live up to any acceptable standard just because it was unfortunate to suffer a disadvantage that was virtually unavoidable.
1. This passage gives an example of how memories are kept forever and can never be lost, when one is gone.

2. In this passage sometimes people don't understand what others are going through without that past experience. Many, like Jonas, wish these experiences or memories can be shared for the rest to know what is is like.
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