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CTW Consortium PDA/DDA programs

No description

Patricia Tully

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of CTW Consortium PDA/DDA programs

Usage across LC Ranges – MiL Titles
EBL Short Term Loans
Usage across LC Ranges – EBL Titles
Sept 2012 – mid-June 2013
What’s happening in EBL titles?
Total User Sessions: 983
Browsing Sessions: 559
Reading Online: 220
Downloads: 89

Total Pages Read: 12,786
User Sessions: 7,514
Pages Viewed: 85,901
Pages Downloaded: 14,883
Pages Printed: 10,665
What’s happening in MyiLibrary titles?
Sept 2012 –Mid-June 2013
EBL Titles: Total/Use/Purchase
Jan 2010 – mid-June 2013
MyiLibrary Titles: Total/Use/Purchase
Jan. 2010: Coutts' MyiLibrary (MiL) consortial PDA pilot project begins.

March 2012: Sign contract with EBL for consortial DDA - 'manual' model - selectors add records via GOBI.

September 2012: EBL manual DDA pilot launched.

May 2013: Decision is made to expand DDA - automated, eventually multiple vendors.

History of CTW PDA/DDA
*STL= Short Term Loan

Sept 2012 -
1252 titles
Growing as selectors add titles
Purchase on 4th use
3 STLs* /fees
Share access
Individual cost & ownership

Jan 2010 -
4426 titles
Shrinking due to overlap
Purchase on 2nd use
No STLs* /fees
Share access & cost
Consortial ownership

CTW PDA/DDA Recap ...

Total EBL Sessions 983
CC 161
TC 181
WU 641
Sept 2012 – Mid-June 2013
Total MiL Sessions 7,514
CC 1,366
TC 1,207
WU 4,941
EBL User Sessions
MiL User Sessions
Total: 293
No platform feature
info available

Note: MiL accounts are set up by users who may opt to use personal email accounts. These are not easily identifiable as CTW patrons.
Total: 58
Saved Notes in 48 accts
Saved Searches in 10 accts
MyiLibrary statistics, Jan. 2010 - Jun. 2013
EBL accounts
MiL accounts
All MiL titles
Used MiL titles
Total titles
Not purchased
Used and purchased
Total EBL titles
Firm orders
Not purchased
All EBL titles
Used EBL titles
Jan 2010 – Mid-June 2013
EBL - Length of time; # sessions
Total EBL Sessions: 983
868 sessions clocked time

Shortest session: 0:00:01
Longest session: 6:42:34

FYI: the EBL platform times out after 20 minutes of inactivity
EBL statistics, Sept. 2012 -
PDA / DDA Projects
(so far ...)

But ...
- YBP is CTW's print vendor

- Inefficient for selectors, tech services

- No short-term loans
But ...
- Selectors find the choice confusing

- Why not automate record selection?
Expanded DDA:
Why expand?
Saving selector time for other activities
Letting users drive acquisition
What would happen?
$100,000 for $1 million in content
Limits of expansion ....
Still assessing Coutts and YBP as possible platforms
Both need to negotiate with each publisher
Prioritizing publishers ...
To Lorri Huddy,
CTW Librarian for Collaborative Projects
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