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Re-learning to Learn

My journey in the edcMOOC

Annabel Coles

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Re-learning to Learn

My journey WEEK 1: LOOKING TO THE PAST WEEK 2: LOOKING TO THE FUTURE WEEK 3: REASSERTING THE HUMAN WEEK 4: REDEFINING THE HUMAN Did I pass? Excitement, curiosity, new things, intrepid explorer... Yes - can we? I think I'm old school. I want interaction with REAL people... OK, I'm taking the control back. I know other people feel the same way. This is just a new way of learning. I'm learning to learn again. I'm reasserting... Now my mind is open, relaxed, I can take this in... WEEK 5: ENLIGHTENMENT?! Re-learning to Learn, in the edcMOOC Utopias or Dystopias? Am I a technophobe? Everything seems to be a dystopia to me... Starting to feel over-whelmed, too much information, not enough structure, WHERE IS EVERYBODY? Well, they're everywhere, 40,000 people... apparently...

TOO.MUCH.NOISE.... 'I’m part of it. I need to accept that. Let the zombie-alien apocalypse begin. Armed with my aviators and new buddies from my MOOC, I’m ready for anything that the infonet and social spiderwebs can throw at me…'
http://shimmyshimmybb.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/getting-my-mooc-on-with-zombie-apocalpyse-and-living-in-the-matrix/ It's all feeling a bit Kubler Ross... get ready for the dive... Lost, confused, self-doubt, outsider, disengaging... Starting to lose my mind - is THIS the future? (I mean it's a cool vid, but REALLY?!) Even getting concerned about the future of my industry with Shirky's perspective: http://www.shirky.com/weblog/2012/11/napster-udacity-and-the-academy/ I cry for help in the MOOC:
https://class.coursera.org/edc-001/forum/thread?thread_id=455 SHOCK, DESPAIR '...now this experience has taken a different shape. I’m armed with tools to help navigate (compass, map, divine intervention), I’ve met a few fellow journey-men (and women) along the way – I know they’re out there and I can connect. I even found one of the “teachers” (or more accurately, they found me, curled up under my desk muttering to myself). I feel better.'


ACCEPTANCE, EXPERIMENTATION Learning about transhumans... am I horrified by this? No, not really

It kinda makes sense: http://www.nickbostrom.com/ethics/values.html LOOK WHAT I MADE
It's a digital artifact...
Who knew? Perhaps I'm a digital native after all!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/shimmyshimmybb/8472053834/ 'I’m returning with a new energy, back to the class, back to the forums. This time I’m approaching Twitter with a gentle glance, I’m having a stroll through the forums, but not feeling I have to scrutinize every post, and if a blog catches my eye, I’ll give it a whirl.'

WRESTLING, EXPERIMENTING, ADAPTING...? 'I feel like my brain is waking up after a long long winter in hibernation. Everything is different to before, but I’m starting to get it. Slowly.'
http://shimmyshimmybb.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/time-for-an-artistic-break-being-human-in-the-edcmooc/ And I'm busy re-wiring my neural networks:
http://shimmyshimmybb.wordpress.com/2013/02/19/re-wiring-my-neural-networks-the-death-of-pen-writing-in-the-mooc/ So, 5 weeks on, where am I now?
I feel different somehow, I've adapted.
I'm learning a new way of learning.
I feel I'm entering a Brave New World... Did I make it up to the top of the Kubler Ross change curve? Is there Light at the end of the tunnel? ?
There's only one final question from me... Feeling the fear (didn't expect that!) and doing it anyway (because I was compelled to) This is me! IS THIS WHAT I SIGNED UP FOR?!?! After all, we are just MEAT The end x
@shimmyshimmybb Small caveat: All the links on this Prezi will launch in a separate tab, which may be located behind the prezi view! Don't forget to alt-tab to view them! And sorry if the videos auto-run, Prezi is a little mischievous with those... But then I watched this... over 3 days and I witnessed a shift in my perception.
Ecologies of Yearning. Game-changing for me:
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