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MBA program

No description

summer wang

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of MBA program

MBA Program
MBA Program
Admissions Requirements
Complete online application
Bachelor’s degree
Official Transcripts - GPA of 3.0*
Two letters of recommendation
Statement of purpose
MBA Boot Camp- 3 days
The Birkman Method® Assessment
Team-building activities
Local business consulting practice
Case study + Simulation
Career Workshop

- Statistics
- Microeconomics
- Macroeconomics
Cumulative GPA of 3.0
Master's degree
Work experience
If your GPA < 3.0 Admissions Committee may take into consideration:
3 Selective courses
10 Business Core Courses
Professional Development

3.55 - 4.0 GPA - Scholarship is equal to 30% of tuition
3.35 - 3.54 GPA - Scholarship is equal to 20% of tuition
3.25 - 3.34 GPA - Scholarship is equal to 10% of tuition

Merit Scholarships
Spring 2017: November 15, 2016
Application Deadlines
40 units @ $950 per unit
MBA Boot Camp $1,000
Global Consulting Practicum trip $1,500
Comprehensive fee @ $150 per semester

Total: $40,950
*Terms and Conditions
*GPA - Last 60 units GPA
Fall 2017 : May 15, 2017
Contact Us

Summer Wang

one-year full time MBA
two-year evening MBA
two-year weekend MBA

Mentoring Program
Internship Department

Global Consulting Practicum
Provide a
competitive advantage

Improve chances
of finding job

Empower you to be in control of employment outcomes
Introduce you to
career opportunities
Prepare you
for the job market
CEO at Goodwill
We're waiting for you!
Assistant Director
Graduate and Adult Admissions
Dominican University of California
Address: 50 Acacia Avenue
San Rafael, CA 94901
*Full time and based on current rate
Flexible Schedule
Managing Director
at Charles Schwab
Zachary Davis 2009'

Maureen Sedonaen 2008'
David Hamasaki 2014'
Specialty courses bring cutting edge knowledge to the classroom and workplace. Faculty work closely with students to determine the specialty course mix each year. Students customize the curriculum to suit their professional objectives by completing three courses. Below are examples of specialty courses.
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