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20,000 leagues under the sea

Go to the places the Nautilus went.

Adeliza Leung

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of 20,000 leagues under the sea

20,000 leagues under the sea!
A few weeks later
Professor Aronnax and Ned learned that they were heading south without turning west to the Pacific. One day, they went up on the deck and sighted a herd of black whales. Ned asked the captain if he could hunt the whales for practice but Captain Nemo denied his request and told him that the black whales were already hunted by the sperm whales. Then they spotted sperm whales in the distant and Captain Nemo and used the Nautilus to shred them to pieces.
Tip of South America
March 22, 1868
The Nautilus countinues swimmimg north but due to an accident of nature, they are trapped in an ice tunnel. They move through the tunnel but meet a dead end. They move backwards, but meet a dead end. They must manually pick through the ice. After two days they finally pick through the ice.
March 18, 1868
The Nautilus continues heading south until they reach the icebergs. At first, the submarine is able to navigate between the icebergs but soon they become join togethor by ice fields. The Nautilus can split the ice fields, but on March 18, the Nautilus can go no further. They are blocked by the Great Ice Barrier. However, like all times, the captain has a solution. The Nautilus goes downwards and countinues southward underneath the ice.
The end of April
The Nautilus is cruising through the underwater cliffs of the Bahama Islands when a giant squid attacks them. They attack the squid and lose a member of their crew but the squid goes away. After the bloody battle, Professor Aronnax realizes that he cannot stay on the Nautilus and has an arguement with Captain Nemo about his and his friends' freedom.
Atlantic Ocean, near the Bahama Islands
February, 1868
Ned plans to escape and asks Professor Aronnax to wait for his signal. When the time comes and Ned's signal does not, Professor Aronnax is afraid. When the submarine stops, his suspicions grow, but he soon learns that the captain has not yet learned the truth. Instead, Captain Nemo is simply visiting his banker, or rather his bank! On the ocean floor of Vigo Bay, is a vast shipwreck filled with treasure and gold galore! Captain Nemo explains to Professor Aronnax that a long time ago, there was a battle between the English and the Spanish in Vigo Bay. When it seemed as though the battle were in favor of the English, the Spanish refused to let the English win, so he sunk his ships, taking the treasure with them.
Vigo Bay, on the western coast of Spain
February 11, 1868
Professor Aronnax asks Captain Nemo if the Nautilus will be passing through the Suez Canal, a canal that is currently being built to connect the Red Sea and the Mediterranean. The captain says that there would be too much of a risk for the Nautilus to be seen and when the Professor asks why they are in the Red Sea, the captain says that they are planning to enter the Mediterranean. Professor Aronnax is puzzled over how they will enter the Mediterranean without using the Suez Canal or going around Africa, which would take too long. Captain Nemo tells him that they will use an underwater tunnel under the Suez Canal, which he calls the Arabian Tunnel. The Nautilus passes through the Arabian Tunnel and enters the Mediterranean.
Under the Suez Canal
February, 1868
Captain Nemo, Ned, Professor Aronnax, and Conseil visit a pearl fishery in Ceylon. Captain Nemo shows the other three men a humongous oyster containing an enormous pearl. After that, they see an Indian pearl diver and a gigantic shark is about to attack him. Captain Nemo attacks the shark and saves the pearl diver. Then he gives the indian pearl diver a bag of pearls.
Ceylon, at the tip of the Indian peninsula
October, 1867
After many mysterious sightings and sinkings of ships, the US government decides to send the warship, Abraham Lincoln, to hunt and kill the mysterious creature, thought to be a narwhal, that has been haunting the oceans for over a year.
November 5, 1867
The Abraham Lincoln is attacked by the Nautilus and Ned, Conseil, and Professor Aronnax are captured by Captain Nemo.
November 16, 1867
Professor Aronnax, Conseil and Captain Nemo go on a hunting expedition in the underwater forest of Crespo Island. They wear diving suits with special air tanks, the first of their kind during that time period. Captain Nemo kills an otter, whose fur is worth hundreds of dollars.
Crespo Island
December 11, 1867
Professsor Aronnax is horrified by the sight of a sinking ship which he, Conseil, and Ned view from the large window in the lounge. The last they see of the ghost ship before speeding away, are the large sharks moving towards the it.
Southeast from the Hawaiian Islands
January 2, 1868
The Nautilus cruises slowly through one of the most dangerous straits in the world, the Torres strait. This strait is so dangerous because of its rocks and reefs, one of which the Nautilus is grounded to.
Torres Strait
June 2, 1868
They see a warship and the Nautilus attacks it. Then they figure out that Captain Nemo is really using the Nautilus for revenge and has been attacking the ships around the world. They also realize that the night that Captain Nemo drugged them was so that they couldn't see him sinking a ship.
300 miles from the coast of Ireland
The next day
Captain Nemo and Professor Aronnax dive into the ocean at night and Captain Nemo leads them to a underwater volcano, towering over a ruined, crumbled town. The captain carves the word ATLANTIS on a black rock and the professor is amazed as he realizes that he is looking at the mysterious, lost continent that once streched from Africa to America.
Atlantic Ocean
January 3, 1868
The Nautilus is two miles away from New Guinea. Ned, earning for land, suggests the three of them go on a hunting expedition, which Captain Nemo surprisingly agrees to. After eating fruits from the trees, the three men roast a wild boar. The cannibals that live on the island smell the cooking meat and attack the three men. Professor Aronnax, Ned and Conseil row back to the Nautilus. The next day, the savages row to the Nautilus by canoe and try to enter through the hatch. However they cannot get in because of the electrically charged ladder .
New Guinea
January 22, 1868
After some suspicious behaivor from Captain Nemo, Ned, Conseil, and Professor Aronnax are locked and drugged in the holding cell. The next morning, after Professor Aronnax failed to treat an injured crewman, they bury his dead body in a coral cemetery.
Indian Ocean, 600 miles west of Australia
The professor, Ned, and Conseil are planning to escape at ten o' clock with the dinghy. At ten, they go to the dinghy to escape but they hear the whispers of the crew repeating one word, the Maelstrom. The Mealstrom is the most violent whirlpool in the world. The Nautilus begins to spin slowly and the dinghy is torn from it, shooting straight into the center of the whirlpool. The professor hits his head on the side of the iron dinghy and loses consciousness. When he wakes up he is in a fisherman's cottage with Ned and Conseil. In the end, the mystery of the fate of the Nautilus and it's crew shall remain a mystery...
Off the coast of Norway
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